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Her Intense - My current Burberry obsession

Every season I buy a new perfume to be my scent for every day wear.

I always re-evaluate my life to see what kind of person I am, and help manifest what kind of person I want to be.

I have my goals, my mantras, my obsessions.

I want to see my life as it really is, and to envision what kind of life, and kind of person I want to truly be.

And with that, always comes new perfume.

Ever wallk past a person, and become intoxicated by their smell?

It sounds weird if you've never had that happened but it's real.

You associate that person by that scent.

Are they sweet? Floral? Sensual? Intense? Smoky?

So I get a new perfume for each new iteration of me.

And this season it has been Burberry's Her Intense perfume.

It's bold, dark, fruity, and sophisticated. It's not too sweet but not too intense. It'll leave an impression, and just one spray is enough to envelope you, and keep you on their mind.


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