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Anthogenol Anti-Ageing Review

I’ve always been a lover of good skincare. Soft cleansers, overnight serums, face masks, eye serums, you name it. I was taught that how you treat your skin in your 20’s will dramatically show in your 30’s onwards. Things like using the right products for your skin, staying out of sun, using sunscreen, and staying hydrated.

The signs of ageing generally start appearing in our 30’s as our skin starts loosing it’s reparative abilities. These signs of ageing can look like crows feet, dull skin, leathery texture, and wrinkles.  

I’ve been using the Anthogenol serum from @phytologic_au for over a month now which has helped keep my skin always clear, and youthful. They’ve also just launched their Limited Edition Anthogenol® Beauty from the Inside Out Packs which includes anti-ageing capsules and the serum. They are designed to combat signs of ageing, maintain healthy collagen levels in the skin, and support microcirculation and a healthy cardiovascular system. 

A daily routine of the oral capsules together with the topical serum make the most powerful anti- ageing combination for a youthful, glowing complexion and antioxidant support deep within the body. 

What’s makes the products effective?

Both the serum, and anti-ageing capsules are made in Australia, and vegan! They use MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs sourced from France as a raw ingredient that they have exclusivity in the Australian/China market because it is clinically shown to be the most potent and effective out of all anti-ageing ingredients on the market. 

What’s in the products?

The ant-ageing capsules come in a pack of 30, and contains the active ingredients of grape seed, vitamin C, and silicon dioxide. 

You’re instructed to “take one capsule per day before a meal to assist general health. For eye and heart health, take one capsule two or three times daily before meals. For varicose veins take one capsule three times daily before meals.”

Meanwhile, the serum contains no synthetic fragrances (yes!!), animal derivatives, artificial colours, parabens, silicones, harsh detergents or propylene glycol. The serum has premium essential oils that have been proven to hydrate, and soften your skin so it feels plumper, softer, and smoother!

Buy now here.


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