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Kent and Lime Review

So very excited that my fiancé Albon has received his second collaboration with a brand. First was with me with Motorola, and now with Kent and Lime.

What is Kent and Lime?

Kent and Lime is an e-retailer that makes shopping easier for men by providing them a box filled with relevant brands, and products to their location of choice. This take the hassle out of shopping by cutting out the time, and energy of going around shopping centres, and replacing them with a 3 minute quiz, and phone call/meeting.

The quiz gives a basic understanding of the man's style, his sizes, and also of what he would like to achieve with Kent and Lime. For example, you can choose between saying your style is classic, casual, bold, or you just don't know. The phone call or meeting is scheduled based off the man's schedule so that the designer can have a better understanding of his current wardrobe, and what pieces are missing. Then the stylist will choose pieces that they think you will want, and need, and send them to you.

Once you receive the package, you/your man in your life can sort through, try on what they like, and choose which pieces they keep, and which they'll send back.

You must keep all tags, and send back the products in the state your got them in.

What did Albon asked for?

Firstly, a bit of background information on my fiancé. He is a professional videographer, and photographer that has contract work for mainly fitness clients. He was looking for smart casual attire, which would be appropriate for meetings with our clients (we own a production company called Avenior Productions), and also during our dates.

During the phone call, we informed Kent and Lime about his preferences towards clothing. Albon likes premier brands, and doesn't like wearing large brand logos, ostentatious patterns, or overtly bright clothing. He primarily wears black, grey, beige, and white, and sticks to a quite basic style as he prefers to be behind the camera.

What did Albon receive?

Albon received all quite premium brands, and rated the overhaul as 6 out of 10 stars.While the products were very diverse, and plentiful in number, he felt it did not properly reflect the brief we had provided the stylist,

There were four short sleeves, button up shirts that were blue, and red. All of which Albon liked the style, but ultimately did not want to keep two of them as they were too far past his style. Out of the button ups, the only one he kept was the one pictured within this blog post as it was the least "flashy". Albon also received turquoise chinos which he did not like the colour, navy chino pants, brown leather loafers, and two plain v neck t shirts.

It is quite interesting that he received three blue shirts, and turquoise shorts as we expressed a completely different colour palette preference.

His thoughts?

Out of all the products sent, Albon wanted to keep the red button up shirt, a grey v-neck t shirt, and the brown, leather loafers. All the other pieces he left did not reflect the brief he sent through, and did not reflect him as a person. While he did commend Kent and Lime as a a convenient service for men like him who do not like going into shops for themselves, and are too busy, he did wish that more products were properly aligned.

But then, that could just be technology. Sometimes the inflections in our speech cannot be properly identified digitally, and it may require a bit more to properly know what a person wants,

Would I recommend Kent and Lime?

Yes I would. I think it is a cool, and convenient service for the man who is too busy to go shopping for himself, or for the loving partner who just doesn't know which items he would prefer. Kent and Lime takes the hassle out of looking good by listening to what you want, and providing a variety of options.

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