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Intimate In the Streets and In The Sheets

*This piece has been sponsored by Vagisil. All statistical information in this post is factual, and all opinions stated are my own.

Ladies, it's time to talk about sex. I'm not here to talk about sexual positions, sexual horror stories, or even try to put sexual innuendos into this piece. Heck, I've been with the same guy my whole post pubescent life. But there will be no slut-shaming, or any forcing of any woman to abide by any standards set by society here!

Growing up I was always told that in polite conversation you shouldn't bring up sex as it's bound to start an argument, or cause discomfort. But it's time to get out of our comfort zone, and talk about something that is hardly ever talked about: Vaginal Dryness.

I can already feel people tensing behind their screens after just reading those last two words: Vaginal Dryness.

It may make women uncomfortable to talk about (if we even talk about it at all) but it's something that every woman will experience whether we like it or not (and 51% of those currently experiencing it with no treatment). Around 19% of Australian women are experiencing vaginal dryness every year. Most Australian women commonly experience Vaginal Dryness at least once a week (31%), with 47.4MM yearly occurrences reported to be the 2nd highest occurrence of all symptoms. Vaginal dryness is something many women will experience sometime in their lifetime. It's one of the most untreated condition yet why aren't we talking about it?

Vaginal dryness is commonly experienced during sex. This can be a result of lack of adequate foreplay, low estrogen levels, and other factors like menopause but always will result in tearing, discomfort, and pain!​​ While there are short term solutions like lubricants before sex, or vaginal moisturisers, these solutions do not provide women an everyday solution. Nor do they allow you to become comfortable, and ready for when an everyday becomes a special day. In my opinion, the use of lubricants can often momentarily ruin the moment as you fumble for the bottle, and can easily become messy. Meanwhile using vaginal moisturisers makes women feel like they’re hitting menopause early, and have been described online as a constant "drippy" sensation.

So what can women use as a much needed solution for vaginal dryness that suits any age, and sexual activity level? I've collaborated with Vagisil for this post to introduce to you ladies Vagisil ProHydrate Gels which are an innovative solution for dryness that meet any females dryness needs.

Please don't be put off seeking relief for your vaginal dryness because you're too shy to discuss it with your GP, or too embarrassed to buy it in the pharmacy. By trying Vagisil ProHydrate Gel to combat your vaginal dryness, you are helping the number one decision maker in your life: you.

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