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Honest Review of Romwe: Everything Wrong

**For the following post I was gifted several pieces from Romwe. All opinions stated are my own**

Romwe is a well known e-tailer which has a expansive array of clothing, and accessories - all of which are made in Guangzhou, China.

You Get What You Pay For

Let’s be frank, nine times out of ten it costs a fair amount of money to get good quality clothing. The rise in fast fashion has seen clothing price drop but also product quality. All of the pieces on Romwe are extremely affordable, with some pieces as cheap as a few cents.

You must remember when shopping online that in order to make high quality clothes it requires good material, researched design, and an experienced method of apparel construction. With their pieces priced so low, you must note that what you see online isn’t really what you’ll get. To have the products so cheap, there is a compromise on quality that must be taken into account.

Basically, don’t think you can pay $20 for a dazzling gown that looks like $2000. It’ll most likely still look around $20.

Customer Service Was Terrible

When dealing with a Chinese e-tailer there is expected to be a less than perfect Customer Service experience. If you check third party review sites like Product Review you can see thousands of negative reviews discussing things from the terrible return policy, not true to size fits, misleading product photos, and lack of help from customer support teams.

Delivery Was Hell On Earth

I orders on April 8th 2017, my order was not processed until April 10th, and a tracking number was not supplied until April 20th…

Fast forward a few days, on May 11th I checked the tracking number, and to my surprise my package had been sitting in the Bankstown depot since May 3rd! The tracking information showed that my package had not had a “non-attempt delivery” which means that nobody tried to deliver the package.

Now, Bankstown is a suburb in Western Sydney, and I live on the opposite end of Sydney. I informed Romwe, and the customer support member named Susie then told me that I would have to call the delivery company to get my package redelivered to the alternative address aka the only address I provided which wasn’t in Bankstown. I asked Susie/April if she could contact the delivery company herself as she is the sender. She informed me that she can contact the delivery company to have them deliver it to the only address I provided (not "new address" as she kept saying), and the said she can't when I asked her to.

I then asked for the number of the courier to which she said just google it. Not very helpful.

Fast forward again but now to May 18th. My package finally was delivered to the correct, and only address I provided.

Are Romwe clothes poor quality?

Having to endure terrible customer service, and terrible delivery has left me a completely terrible impression of Romwe. The only way to partial redemption would be if the clothes were miraculously amazing. I ended up getting four pieces -

For me this was the standout piece as the material isn’t thin, or transparent so it could actually be used as a t-shirt dress! The red of the rose was vibrant so it stood out, the fit was nice, and the length was appropriate. The dress was a good balance of thickness so that it did protect me partially from the cold wind, but thin enough that it was breathable.

HOWEVER the stitching on this dress was incredibly poor. There were loose threads (pictured below) that hadn't been cut or tied up throughout the dress, and there were patches in the print rose that was not part of the design as it isn't in the picture on the website (pictured at the beginning).

This tee was okay. It does look like the image on the website, and the patch is pretty sure but the material is too transparent in sections that it looks more like the sewing machine broke than an actual design.

I absolutely hated this. The sleeves stopped at an awkward part in my arm, the material was incredibly itchy, and it could hardly be classified as a coat as it was so short. I’m only 155cm/5’1” so asian sizing work for me, and this was just badly designed.

The Red Collarless Cardigan is tightly knit so it kept me warm, and the colours were the same as in the photo. The material of the coat is quite scratchy so I wasn’t able to wear the coat the whole day while I was at work. The scratchiness did leave me with a rash on both arms.

Overall Impression

Absolutely hated the Romwe Customer Service, the delivery was a nightmare, and the clothes matched the price. I didn’t have high expectations going into this collaboration but my experience was far worse than I expected.

I did find a review that matched my experience “it’s like throwing your money into the wind, some value might be returned to you, but most will be lost."

Would I recommend this website?

If you’re looking for pieces that will last you a lot of uses, and a good experience than Romwe definitely isn't for you. If you’re looking for one off, disposable pieces, and aren’t too fussed with waiting a long time than I guess go ahead.

I definitely 100% do not recommend this website.

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