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Setting The Mood

This post has been sponsored by Vagisil Australia. All statistics stated in this blog post are factual, and all opinions stated are my own.

What’s going on downstairs?

In my previous blog post I discussed the number one untreated condition among Australian women: vaginal dryness.

The common misconception is that vaginal dryness only occurs for women going through menopause but it’s a condition that affects 19% of women aged 18+ each year, commonly most annoying when trying to be intimate! This can be a result of lack of adequate foreplay, low estrogen levels, and other factors and results in tearing, discomfort, and just an unpleasant experience for both people.

There are daily solutions like Vagisil ProHydrate Gels which provide 24/7 relief from vaginal dryness by slowly providing moisture to the area. This means you don’t get the uncomfortable “drippy” sensation from a vaginal moisturiser, or the mood buster of having to take out lubricant during sex.

Vagisil ProHydrate Gels are a great way to not have discomfort during your day from vaginal dryness, and allows you to have a have a smoother transition into foreplay!

You can find out more about this product here

Setting the mood

So when you’ve tried Vagisil ProHydrate Gels to solve your issue downstairs, what can you bring to the bedroom to help set the mood?

While Vagisil ProHydrate Gels can relieve vaginal dryness, it is recommended that adequate foreplay is still performed beforehand to ensure there is no tearing.

Below are some sexy products I’ve seen recently. Let me know down in the comments which if your favourite!

Price: $39.99

Price: $199

From: Homebodii

Price: $149

From: Playboy

Price: $114.98

Watch this video for more information by Dr Nikki Goldstein:

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