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Gift Guide for your Bridal Party: Customised Compact Mirrors, and More!

Have you ever tried to do your makeup using the camera on your phone? It’s difficult, distorting, and there is a classier option that doesn’t involve foundation fingerprints on your screen.

Compact mirrors.

Who here still uses a compact mirror? It’s something that makeup fans love having on their makeup palettes, and they’re great for having in your handbag for the quick touch up of makeup (or the sneaky nose blotting).

As I am currently piecing together my invitation boxes to my friends to invite them to be my maid of honours (hint!), I wanted to include compact mirrors. One element I wanted throughout the invitation boxes was that everything would be customised to each person so that they would actually be able to use the products, and most importantly, they would want to use the products!

Did you know that a 2014 Yale University study found that gift receivers respond better to presents that can fit practically into their lifestyle (i.e. something they’ll actually get to use) than a gift the gift giver thinks that that they would like? I took this insight, and made sure to apply it to the compact mirrors.

I teamed up with Alexa Lane, a company who creates custom made products, and the results were amazing! Alexa Lane provides simple templates for their compact mirrors that can be customised in multiple ways to ensure you get the perfect result! Some elements you can alter are the text, the font, font size, embellishments like decadent swirls, and add dates to mark special occasions.

One of the great things about being in a group of five couples is that everyone has marriage on their minds. So I made sure that the compact mirrors were customised not just for my wedding but for their future weddings too!

Since I haven’t given the invitation boxes yet, I won’t share their compact mirrors just yet but have included photos of my own.

Other Goodies for the Gals

As mentioned previously in this post, Alexa Lane sells other amazing customisable products. Below are a few products that I also was eyeing. Let me know in the comments which pieces you love the most!

When he’s finally popped the question, or for the big wedding day, you’ll need somewhere special to hold your ring. Why not get a customised ring box that says your names, a special phrase, or the date you got engaged/married?

Price: $25

The perfect wedding cake of your dreams is nothing with the perfect accessory on top! If having a small, plastic couple (that looks nothing like you) sitting on top of your buttercream dream, why not get a custom wooden cake topper?

For your last night on the town with your girlfriends, or maybe for your open bar wedding reception you could definitely use these customisable bottle opener keyrings! They even make great wedding gifts to your guests, so you can give the sugar coated almonds with grandma.

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