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INIKA Organics Bridesmaids Haul and Review

For those who may have missed my latest Instagram post, I received a massive haul valued at nearly $2000USD of makeup goodies from the beautiful people at INIKA Organic! Each of my blushing bridesmaids will be receiving a box of makeup valued at $359USD EACH so they can have only the best new cosmetics ready for all the bridesmaids adventures we’ll be having!

Who Is Inika Organics?

INIKA Organics is a 100% Australian made cosmetics company that was founded in my home turf of Sydney. Their makeup range is completely free of artificial fertilizers and synthetic chemicals, and is completely natural which means you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals on your skin.

What I love most about INIKA Organics is that they are certified to be 100% Organic, 100% Vegan, Certified Halal, and Certified Cruelty Free. To give me peace of mind when doing my daily routine, INIKA has one of the highest safety ratings in the world by the Environmental Working Group, AND the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.

That sounds great but what about the products?!

Well I can only give the most genuine, and heartfelt acknowledgement of the amazing cosmetic products INIKA Organics has produced.

The ingredients of any cosmetic range is important to know, as well as essential for a brand to disclose for complete trust. INIKA Organics uses only natural ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, organic evening primose oil, and rose hip oil to ensure only the best for the woman who wants the best for herself.

I love the formula of this foundation! It's lightweight, sweat-proof, and acts as a cream concealer by hiding my skin blemishes. The skin guide was great for all my bridesmaids to find the right shade for them. It would work well as an everyday foundation as it is not prone to oiliness, and allows for 24 hour coverage. The formula itself is very buttery making it easy to disperse across my face without needing too much product.

The INIKA Organics primer is the right kind of tacky to allow the makeup to sit perfectly on the skin without you feeling claustrophobic. I love how the primer has so much in the packaging, which allows you to get a lot of coverage at a cheaper price!

This mattifying powder may be small in size but small is powerful! I love how this mattifying powder sits on top of my concealer to really accentuate the contour on my face. I recommend using a brush to “bake” the powder instead of simply brushing it over for maximum effect.

Firstly I love this formula that uses aloe vera, green tea, and jojoba! This concealer is definitely great to highlight the face as it is easy to spread out with a beauty blender, with a lightweight formula that doesn’t leave the skin sweating. I definitely recommend using a mattifying powder over this concealer to get the most of it’s coverage!

How often do you get a mascara that is not clumpy (God please help us against spider lashes), and is great in the formula? I love that the mascara accentuates the lashes by coating them in a rich black colour, and accentuates the length.

And what is a blushing bride with a blush that could make other cometic companies blush?! I love the rich pigmentation of this blush! I chose the red apple blush as it brings colour into my bridesmaids naturally tan skin, and brings life into the photos!

Oh my goodness I am a huuuuge fan of using highlighter all day, errday! I prefer a golden highlighter so I LOVE this Baked Mineral Illuminator from INIKA Organics. It is a perfect way to add some subtle glow to your makeup look which looks natural. Unlike some other brands, this illuminator has hardly any run off so you don’t waste any product applying it!

For the below look, I used all the products from INIKA Organics, with the Baked Mineral Illuminator applied on my temples, and under my eyebrows. I loved the application of the foundation as it left a dewy finish, with the illuminator adding a sun kissed glow. I wore this makeup out all day, and only needed a mattifying powder touch up in the late afternoon. Best of all, all the products have the most heavenly smell as they use natural ingredients! imagine smelling like aloe vera all day?! Heaven.

What do you think of this look, or which of these products would you love to try? Let me know in the comments below!

*This post has been sponsored by INIKA Organics. All opinions stated are my own*

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