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Newly Spotted Australian Brands

Looking Back At My Week

This week has absolutely crazy for me as I was promoted on June 29th, and just finished my first week as the new Social Media Manager for Koala - home of Australia’s No1 rated mattress! Being promoted has been an exciting new adventure for me as I’ve only been working at Koala for three months prior, and I’ll be handling the accounts, and content for the Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Japan branches.

I’ll be handling social media scheduling, content creator/influencer outreach, writing our blogs, as well as keeping my old responsibilities in community management, creating photo + video social media advertisement, editing our video advertisements, and reporting. It’ll mean a lot more work but it’s genuinely a great company to work for, the work is fun to do, and there are so many exciting products that will be released. You can even use my code BUNNY150 for $150 off for a purchase of a mattress!

With this new opportunity, I wanted to share some Australian brands that are currently emerging online.

The Ironic Store

Working out of Melbourne is The Ironic Store who, according to their website “put tongue in cheek designs on quality garments”. With a price point of $39AUD per shirt, and the fact that they print only on AS Colour shirts it’s no wonder why they’re gaining traction online.

The Ironic Store also uses the more environmentally friendly water based inks to print their shirts in Melbourne, and best of all, AS Colour are proudly Child Labour Free certified!

All of the shirts use existing branded logos, and well-known designs but with a twist. My favourite is of course the 'Lovers Tee' which is overlay over the iconic Levi's logo.

Rose Gallery

Despite being overly expensive to live in Sydney, Sydney is home to Rose Gallery. Rose Gallery is an online florist that specialises in luxury arrangements that really make you want to stop to smell the roses! With opulence as the goal, and only the highest quality roses at hand, Rose Gallery stops at nothing to make every detail of the floral arrangements perfect.

No matter what the occasion, there is a different arrangement type available at Rose Gallery so you can make your mark. Customisable options you can have in your arrangement include, but are not limited to a large colour palette for the roses, chocolates, photos, jewels, cards, and desserts! They even have a 104 rose bouquet which I chose that truly took my breath away.

They currently operate only over Facebook, and through direct contact. To make your order just go to:

Phone: 0468 648 278


Instagram: rosegallery__

Let me know what you think about the brands below in the comments section!

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