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Summer Picnic Essentials with Foodora

It's October but baby, it's unofficially Summer. Every day is scorchingly hot, the sun is ready to provide us glowing tans, and every bikini ready body is keen for outdo or activities.

But while we all want to soak up the rays, who really wants to cook? Here comes Foodora.

I teamed up Foodora to host a Summer picnic with my group to show you some essentials you need to have so you can have fun in the sun, without having to wash the dishes!

The Perfect Meal

What are you in the food for? Italian pasta? American burgers? Japanese Sashimi? Doesn't matter. Foodora has it all. Just log into your Foodora app or go online to find the best local eateries ready to make your meal. Want it delivered? No problem, they'll delivered. Prefer to go to the eatery, and just pick it up yourself? Girl, you can. Don't worry about a thing! Just pick whatever local food you want, and pick what delivery option you want.

As for my group, we wanted American burgers so we had one of my favourite places, Brooklyn Depot, to deliver to Prince Alfred Park.

An Aesthetic Picnic Rug

Most picnic rugs I've seen are a putrid shade of brown or unflattering assortment of plaid so I opt to get just a blanket from Ikea. I opt to use just a throw in a pleasant colour from Big W. As long as the ground is dry, a throw is alright to use! Even if there are bindis, a quick wash will easily get rid of any blemishes to the throw. Then just dry, and fold it up for future use!

Wooden Serving Boards

When you buy delivery food, it always comes in plastic or cardboard containers in brown paper bags. To make everything appear more fancy, or gourmet you can use wooden serving boards to make everything look more gourmet than takeaway!

The picnic was a success! We basked in the suns rays while indulging in filling burgers, delicious sides, and sipping on our favourite ciders, and beers. What's your favourite picnic meal?

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