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Champagne at The Palace Tearoom in QVB

High Tea is a classic pastime of many women throughout the ages since it’s creation in the 1700s. When I imagine High Tea, I always picture women in their Sunday best, sipping the finest blends of tea, while nibbling on finger sandwiches in a room so grand in decor.

This was the exactly the kind of experience I had when my bridesmaids, and I visited The Palace Tearoom in Sydney’s Queens Victoria Building.

Located in the heart of Sydney, The Palace Tearoom is a place of elegance, class, and good food.

We were greeted by the hostess who showed us to our table, poured us all a class of champagne, and provided us their extensive tea menu. The Palace Tearoom has an enormous array of teas from all over the planet, in many different flavours for every palette imaginable.

Just as my previous experience in The Tearoom, (the same establishment but on the top floor of Queen Victoria Building) the aroma of freshly brewed wafted throughout the air.

I chose the Classic Rose Tea, of course served black, no sugar. While we sipped our tea, and clinked our Champagne flutes, the waitress laid out a finger feast.

The High Tea menu contains 3 different sandwiches, 6 desserts, 1 plain scone, 1 fruit scone, and other pastries with various flavours such as salmon, and egg mayo. After some photos, and Instagram stories, we dined.

Thank you so much to the team at The Palace Tearoom for your hospitality, and fine food!

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