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Wedding Garters: purpose and pressure

The wedding garter is one of the oldest traditions relating to weddings. Let's discuss what is a wedding garter, do you really need one, and why do you have to toss yours?

What Is A Wedding Garter?

The wedding garter is a banded piece of clothing that goes around a woman's thigh underneath her wedding dress. There is no exact "look" that a wedding garter has to adhere to since it's hidden under the wedding dress which allows personalisation to the bride's style/personality, and wedding garters comes in all sorts of colours, fabrics, and designs. But typically, the wedding garter is white lace to match her wedding dress.

In ye olde days, there were two main superstitions that helped create the wedding garter. The first had people believing it is good luck to own a piece of a wedding dress so instead of continuing to allow wedding guests to rip the wedding dress itself, brides would have a specific piece of clothing someone could take - the wedding garter. The other superstition was surrounding the consummation of the marriage. The groom would remove the garter in front of witnesses to signify that they would be consummating the marriage.

Is A Wedding Garter Necessary?

No. Nothing in a wedding is really necessary in my opinion each for the two people being in love, signing the marriage certificate, and having a marriage license. All the elements we see in a traditional wedding was created from superstitions, and societal obligations.

The veil? The shield the bride from evil spirits, and prevent the bride, and groom from seeing each other before the [arranged] wedding.

The white dress? A symbol of purity to signify the woman was a virgin.

The rings? Visual indicator to others that the woman was taken.

The woman's family paying for the wedding? A dowry to the man as the final payment before the man takes care of her (including financially) for the rest of their years together.

While these pieces don't have the same meanings they had back then, they were all introduced, and can easily be removed from your wedding. If you don't want to a wedding garter, you don't need one.

The Garter Toss

As mentioned, the wedding garter toss originated from guests wanting a piece of the wedding dress for good luck. Nowadays, the groom will remove the wedding garter in front of the guests, and toss it to the unmarried men at the wedding. Just like the bridal bouquet toss, whoever catches it is the next to be married. He then puts the wedding garter on his partner.

Did I do the wedding garter toss?

Yes. Honestly, I didn't think I would during wedding planning because the thought of my now husband going under my dress in front of all our friends, and family so embarrassing.

But the days before I changed my mind because I felt I would regret it if I didn't.

I don't regret it at all!

It was honestly so fun, and hilarious at the same time. We ended up getting lots of great photos from it, and when he through it to the crowd of single men in attendence, his younger brother ended up catching it!

My Wedding Garter

I got my wedding garter from Florriemitton. It is a handmade, rose gold wedding garter with a blush silk ribbon, rose gold French lace band, and Swarovski crystals.

It was priced at $125.56, and it's so delicate, and feminine, and 100% what I was looking for!

Since 2009, Florriemitton has been a world renowned wedding garter company based in England. They have been worn by the likes of Hilary Duff, and featured in publications such as Style Me Pretty, magazine USA,, OK! Vogue India, Southern Weddings, and Access Hollywood.

Florriemitton uses only the finest lace, silk, and crystals to make timeless designs that evoke a nod to traditionalism.

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