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My Gold & Swarovski Bridal Crown from Eden Luxe Bridal

Ever since I got my fairytale wedding dress I knew I had to finish the look of with accessories fit for a queen.

I’m not the kind of girl who wants a big, fancy, expensive wedding. During all the planning, I’ve just wanted to marry the man I love around the people we love. We’ve made cuts here, and there to ensure it’s a wedding focused on the love between us, the gratitude for those who we’ve been blessed to encounter in this life, and to only get things we’ll actually need/use.

Just like with my Swarovski garter, I want all my bridal pieces to be things I can keep as an heirloom to pass down to my daughter someday but not be an outrageously expensive purchase.

So instead of just a veil, I chose to get a bridal crown from Eden Luxe Bridal.

I was in awe when I was discussing with the Eden Luxe Bridal creator Heather as she showed me all the different designs. After careful discussion to, and from on which designs would best suit my wedding gown, and the wedding theme, I fell in love with the Tanya Crown, and Adelie Bridal Drop Earrings.

My Tanya Crown is gold plated, and is 360 degrees of Swarovski crystals, and comes with a bespoke, keepsake box. It’s weighty yet lightweight at the same time, and has four holes at the base to help you clip it into your hair.

It’s also perhaps one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever owned. The way the light hits the crystals is like if the whole sky was full of stars shining back at me.

The Adelie Bridal Drop Earrings are gold plated with simulated diamonds, and catch the eye of everyone.

I’d love to say a huge thank you to Heather from Eden Luxe Bridal for being a sponsor to my wedding, and creating two breathtakingly beautiful bridal pieces for me.

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