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Royal Treatment at Park Royal Hotel Parramatta

Oh what an incredible couple of weeks it has been! I've been pretty MIA on my Instagram, and blog due to some amazing milestones happening out in the real world but I'll cover that in a different blog post.

To celebrate these new milestones my fiancé, and I had a weekend getaway to the Park Royal Hotel in Parramatta. This was a chance for us to just relax, get a well deserved sleep in, and enjoy each other's company amongst the lively Parramatta atmosphere.


Now you don't have to shell out your salary, or weekly wage to get a staycation at Park Royal Hotel! Prices start at around $250 per night directly from their website but you can also shop around for discount from hotel booking websites.

Based off my experience there, I think these prices are quite reasonable, especially when considering the close proximity to the Parramatta CBD, and public transport lines leading to the city,

The Service

During check in, we were greeted by the Hotel Manager who assisted us with our checkin. We were advised on the location of the Club Lounge, gym, pool, and the various bars, and restaurants they recommend such as Bar 30.

Never was there a situation where we were treated with anything but the upmost hospitality, and professionalism.

The Suite

We were booked for a complimentary weekend stay in the Park Royal Club King Room which was situated on the 7th floor, four doors down from the Club Lounge, and overlooking Parramatta.

To gain access to your floor you need to swipe your card at the elevator, and swipe to open your suite door (thank God hotels stopped using metal keys).

Once inside, we were greeted by a well made king bed, contemporary furniture, and a plate of delicious dessert with accompanying handwritten welcome card.

As my partner devoured the dessert, I checked their modest room service menu for some snacks to satisfy our hunger until dinner. We settled into the provided thick, plush bathrobes, and slippers, made a cup of coffee, and created some content.

After a well deserved nap, we showered in the open space bathroom that had a ceiling shower head, luxurious black tiles, mood lighting, and wall length mirror so nobody can hog it while you get ready!

We went out into Parramatta CBD which was a quick 5 minute walk to Parramatta Westfield where we did a spot of shopping in the boutique stores. After working up an appetite, we ventured back to our hotel with shopping bags in towe, and got ready for supper at the Club Lounge.

The Club Lounge

Our card provided us with full access to the Club Lounge for complimentary supper of hors d'oeuvres, and drinks between 5:30pm until 9:30pm, and the complimentary breakfast served 8am until 10am.

Upon entry, we were greeted by staff requesting our room number, and then they served us some moscato by our self chosen seats.

Inside the Club Lounge was various intimate seating options so you can unwind with a glass of wine, crack open a beer, or indulge in some finger food with your partner, or just yourself.

We propped ourselves in comfortable sofa in one of the corners so we could do some wedding planning together without any disturbances. After about half an hour, we went down to Ground Level to visit the lively Bar 30 for complimentary drinks.

Bar 30

When we arrived, Bar 30 was full of energetic wedding partygoers dressed to the 9s, and ready for dancing. The live musician played some renditions of current popular songs while they danced, and I tried the recommended cocktail list.

Table 30

At around 8pm we wandered up to Table 30, The Park Royal Hotel’s famous seafood buffet, to see what all the tall was about!

Disclaimer: we LOVE seafood.

After being greeted by the hostess, we were seated at a prime position of the restaurant so we could overlook the lobby, and bar below, and away from the foot traffic of the physical buffet.

We tried more of the delicious wine menu, and went to go devour our share of seafood. The buffet boasts three rows of a wide range of meals to satisfy even the most picky of palettes.

The left side were all hot foods like meats, soups, and spicy cuisine, the middle row were a variety of breads, and made to order crepes, and the right row were all the seafood on one end, and a feast of dessert on the other.

I overloaded my plates with fresh king prawns, lobster, bread, and crab while my partner got a mixture of lobster, prawns, and hot foods like beef.

All around us were happy dinner goers of all ages enjoying their share of the ocean’s bounty, and the liquor was freely poured!

Once our appetites had been satisfied, we had another relaxing stroll to Parramatta Westfield to enjoy a movie.

At around midnight, we headed back to the hotel in the streets that were alive with all sorts of people enjoying the Parramatta nightlife.

Once in our suite, we showered, changed into our pyjamas, and watched a variety of movies through the all access entertainment option on their wide screen TV.

The Morning After

Late check out is one of life’s simple joys, and we receive just that with our 11am checkout. Waking up to the calming embrace of the sun through the window, we walked across the hallway to the Club Lounge for complimentary breakfast.

There was plenty of breakfast options to choose from such as an automated pancake machine, hash browns, cereal, yoghurts, jams, custom made eggs to your liking, fruits, breads, and so much more!

When seated by the window, the hostess took our coffee order, and we picked our breakfast from the breakfast buffet.

Once satisfied, we left to go pack our bags, and head home.

Thank you to the entire team at Park Royal Hotels for the opportunity of a complimentary stay to help celebrate!

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