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Babymoon hotel in Parramatta

I’ve entered my third trimester with our first child, and it’s really setting in that we’ll soon have another person in our lives, and in our home.

I’ve seen so much content online advising to always put your marriage first, and your children second. Why? Because having a strong, healthy marriage sets an inspirational standard for your children on how a strong, healthy marriage, and relationship looks, sounds, and feels like. I want to ensure that the strong relationship I have with my husband who I’ve been with since I was fourteen sets a great example to our children of what friendship, love, and partnerships looks like in a marriage.

Part of this journey is to make time for each other, and be really present in the moment. No phones, no work, no distractions.

We had two babymoons planned for the two experiences we heard will be most impacted in that first year of our baby’s life: going out to eat, and blissful silence.

Our first babymoon which I’ll be discussing here was at the cosy Novotel in Parramatta. Novotel is nestled right at the head of Eat Street which is Parramatta’s premier destination for all things culinary!

Our room at Novotel Parramatta

We stayed in the Executive Suite which had a king bed, spacious bedroom, large living room fit for entertaining, two bathrooms which both had combination bath tub/shower, and a mini fridge.

The suite was extremely spacious, and pristinely cleaned which is always what I look for when entering a hotel room as it gives somewhat an indication of how clean the bed will be.

Our stay at Novotel Parramatta

Check in was at 2pm where we had to put a card down for a pre-charge of $1 which is lower than other hotels that we’ve put a bond of around $100+.

All the staff we encountered were extremely lovely, and professional, and all the guests were buzzing in the lobby about how excited they were to go explore Eat Street.

As mentioned, Novotel is situated at the head of Eat Street so you just walk a few metres to your left, and you’re surrounded by various restaurants, cafes, and eateries.

Recommended breakfast near Novotel Parramatta

Technically also a great place for dessert, we love to eat at Bay Vista which is only 180m from the hotel.

Their illustrated menu is like a novel because it’s just packed with so many options for the sweet, savoury or mixed taste you’re craving.

For breakfast I usually get one of their Bananarama pancakes which has butterscotch, candied pecans, and bananas which I get with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and bacon.

Recommended dinner near Novotel Parramatta

Pretty sure it’s a newcomer but we really enjoyed eating at Estelita’s Filipino Kusina partially because we are Filipino but also because it’s affordable, and feels like loving made, home cooking.

We recommend the adobo, singing na baboy, and lechon kawali all served with white rice of course!

Recommended dessert near Novotel Parramatta

Perhaps the closest of all three places mentioned here at only 120m from the hotel is Holy Basil which makes a delicious fried ice cream! If you want to venture a bit more, 280m to be specific, head down to San Churros for churros for two!


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