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Best Organic Cotton Throw For The Nursery

A baby’s skin is sensitive, and understandably, it’s our responsibilities as parents to ensure the textiles we expose our baby to is free of harmful chemicals, and gentle on their skin.

We choose the Bhumi Cable Knit throw in the shade Natural for our son’s nursery not because it matched the aesthetic but also was a responsible purchase.

Safe for a baby’s skin

The Bhumi cable knit throw has been made with an irresistibly soft, cotton yarn that’s free of chlorine bleach, toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, and aromatic solvents. This means whether he’s rolling around for tummy time, or burying his head for a snuggle, he won’t be breathing in any harmful chemicals that could cause sort, or long term health issues.

Safe for the makers

Bhumi is an Australian company who manufactures the cable knit throw in Fair-trade factories in India using safe, and sustainable practises.. They use non genetically modified seeds, no synthetic pesticides, and non toxic dyes so it’s safe for every person involved in the whole process of growing the cotton to making the textiles. They also do regular crop rotation to conserve the nutrients within the soil.

Safe for the planet

The Bhumi cable knit throw is made of 100% certified organic cotton which means it’s been responsibly grown. Being free of harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach also means that those chemicals aren’t being washed away back into our waterways.

While we won’t be having the throw just hanging off the cot as it’s not a safe sleep practise, I feel comfort knowing when he will be engaging with the Bhumi throw he’ll be safe, and comfortable.


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