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Babyhood Kaylula Moses Basket & Stand Review

I’m currently 5 months pregnant, and for context my husband, and I live in our 4 bedroom home. When looking for a cosleeper for those essential first 6 months of our son’s life, there were a few factors that helped us decide on the Kaylula Moses Basket & Stand from Babyhood:


Being a first time parent is daunting, and there’s so many safety issues we have to look out for to keep our son safe. Having worked for a furniture company prior, I’m aware of how many companies can fill their product descriptions with terms that don’t really explain what it is in an effort to confuse consumers into thinking it’s better than it is.

I love that the Kaylula Moses basket is made of a sustainably sourced timber from New Zealand, woven water hyacinth, and cotton so I know my baby won’t be breathing in any nasty chemicals or if he were to chew on anything (as babies do) won’t be consuming any dangerous materials. Although water hyacinth is a sturdy material, the Moses basket has no rough edges that will scratch or harm the baby.

There’s also no holes or gaps in the Moses basket so he won’t be able to push his little limbs through or get his head stuck between the gaps of a bassinet.

Lastly, the stand the Moses comes with is extremely sturdy, and strong so there’s no chance of the stand tipping over, or collapsing so I can sleep soundly knowing he’s going to be safe too.

Close to use but not a bulky bed

Safe Sleep experts adamantly recommend parents sleep with their newborn baby for at least the first 6 months to help reduce the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by up to 50%. We looked for something that would easily fit in our bedroom but didn’t take up too much space so there was enough space around his bed.

I found a lot of the cots on the market were really bulky, and just weren’t practical in our space. I love that the mixes basket has a stand so I can easily check up on our son but also allows me to move the basket onto our bed or around the house.


The Kaylula Moses basket stand has 4 removable wheels which allow us to move it around our bedroom but also around the house. Even though I’ll be taking a few months off for maternity leave, I work from home so I wanted something that could move with me whether I’m in the kitchen, home office taking a call, or we’re relaxing in the lounge room watching a movie.

Most Moses baskets actually don't come with a stand, and rely just on the handles on the basket to allow the parent to move it around. Luckily the Kaylula from Babyhood comes with both sturdy handles, and a sturdy stand!

The wheels have a locking mechanism too so when I wanted it to be stationary, lets say in the bedroom when it’s time for bed, I know the stand won’t accidentally move around the room.


The stand has a shelf at the bottom so we can store our son’s necessities when he’s in our room so we don’t have to keep darting off to his nursery. We intent to put an organiser there for his overnight changing items, a toy, and some emergency clothes if he has a blowout.

The only thing we had to assembly was the stand which took less than 5 minutes. I love that the Kaylula stand is easily assembled, and can be easily disassembled so when it’s time to pack it away when he moves into his cot, it won’t be a huge fuss.

Due to it’s minimalistic design, it also won’t take up a lot of space in our garage when it is packed away.


It’s pretty damn gorgeous to look at. We have a lot of natural woods, marble, rattan, and water hyacinth around our home as well as real plants.

I didn’t want to get a sleeper that was an eye sore. I think the Kaylula Moses basket, and stand matches the tone, and feel of the home.

Comfy place to baby to sleep

There’s a lot of companies that sell their mattress separately to the sleeper, and with so many first time baby purchases, that was just not it honey. I love that the Kaylula Moses basket comes with a stand, their Breathe Eze Mattress, and a cotton liner.

There’s no gap between the mattress, and the basket so our son isn’t at risk of slipping in between the crack. Although the basket is slightly asymmetrical in design so you can easily peer into it, the sleeping surface is completely flat as required for safe sleeping. Combined with the firm yet comfy mattress, I feel peace knowing we’ve equipped our son with somewhere safe, close, and comfy to sleep (and hopefully sleep through the night).

This post has been sponsored by Babyhood. All opinions stated are my own.


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