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Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses Sizes 8-20

Weddings are a day when a woman gets to dress like the queen that she truly is. But that magical moment shouldn't stop at just her; your bridal party should feel just as beautiful in what they're wearing as well. But forget the designer price tag, and say hello to actually keeping to your wedding budget.

When I looked for bridesmaid dresses I was looking for three things:

  1. Affordable price (I have 5 women in my bridal party)

  2. Beautiful yet reusable design (why buy a dress they'll only use once?

  3. Compliments each of their bodies aka adjustable, range of sizes, and flattering

So I went to a store that I've found plenty of beautiful dresses for special occasions before - Every Pretty!

What is Every Pretty?

Every Pretty is an ecommerce store that sells a wide range of women's wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, and casual dresses at extremely affordable prices, in a large range of sizes. Based in both California, and the UK, they have been around for over 12 years making women around the globe feel gorgeous on special days without taking that entire pay cheque! They accept payment through PayPal, Credit Card, or Amazon Pay, and deliveries take between 5 days to 6 weeks depending on which delivery option you select.

What bridesmaid dresses I bought?

For my bridesmaids I chose the "Floor Length V Neck Evening Gown" in a light blush tone that added to the romantic, fairytale theme we had for the wedding.

The bust was fully padded so the bridesmaid could opt to wear, not to wear a bra, and there was adjustable ties that wrapped around their waist to tighten the dress to suit their body, and ended in a bow at the back!

The dress was actually quite stretchy while made of 100% polyester so my bridesmaids so were from size 6-12 all fit in sizes 6-10 so I suggest to take a good look at the size guide before buying as you may even need a size down. But unlike a lot of stores, Ever Pretty knows women come in all beautiful shapes, and sizes so they stock up to size 20.

The skirt is gorgeously billowy, and was definitely floor length for even the tallest bridesmaid. As they are folded when shipped it's best to give them a once over with a steamer, and then hairspray the skirt to avoid any static moments.

And best of all, the dresses are dance, and flex proof!

A big thank you to Ever Pretty for sponsoring our wedding's bridesmaid dresses!

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