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InStitchu Wedding Suits Experience & Review

More often that not, when people think of fine clothes for their wedding day the focus is on the wedding dress. But the groom’s suit is an artwork in itself, and the same love, and energy that goes into finding the perfect wedding dress should go into creating the perfect groom’s suit.

My husband’s style

My husband (and oh God it feels so good to finally call him that) loves well made suits, fine fabrics, and always dressing himself as a reflection of who he is: an actual gentleman. I remember back in our high school formals/proms he would always get his suit custom made, and tailored to the T for his body.

Our wedding was no different, so we went to the best: InStitchu.

What Is InStitchu?

InStitchu is a professional menswear company that has Showrooms in Showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, New Zealand and New York. They have years of experience making custom, tailored, made-to-measure mens suits created of the finest sourced fabrics, and create by hand suits for the modern gentleman.

Why we chose Institchu to make the suits?

We actually heard about InStitchu first from a friend who had a great experience making his work suit at their George Street/Sydney Showroom. After their stellar recommendation, we followed the Institchu Instagram account, and quickly became obsessed with having the wedding suits lovingly created by them.

A few days later, we got in contact with InStitchu who agreed to work together for our wedding, and just like my husband, and I, it was a match made in heaven.

The First Consultation

During May 2018, we went to InStitchu’s wedding Showroom which is located on Clarence Street in the bustling streets of Sydney. We were immediately greeted at the door by our stylist who offered us coffee, tea, champagne or whiskey. Passing for just a glass of water, we got down to business.

The stylist in store brought out books bursting with different fabric swatches from different parts of the world.

So many textures, so many colours, and so many choices to choose from!

Between my husband, and the stylist they went back, and forth discussing Albon’s vision for his suit, and for the groomsmen’s suits. They starting pulling at swatches, and cross-referencing them to find the ideal pairings.

Institchu Suit Designs

No detail was spared so once the choices were made we had landed on a 3 piece wedding suit that was a soft grey with pale pink detailing that has an inner paisley design, ivory buttons, monogramming, and overlapping buttons. This was paired with a textured yet matte shirt, BLHDN blush tie from The Tie Bar, silver tie bar, and blush, and grey argyle socks also from The Tie Bar.

The vision was for a wedding suit that when fully dressed was for formal occasions, but could be dressed down for smart, casual usage by pairing the blazer with chino shorts, and loafers.

For the groomsmen, they would have a classic navy suit that could be worn as a stylist suit for work, or for other formal occasions. Their sleeves also had monogramming of their choice, with a tailored white collar shirt, pink argyle socks, pink tie, and silver tie bar also from the BHLDN collection at The Tie Bar.

Measurements and Time Frame

Once this was all decided, Albon got his measurements taken. Each of the groomsmen booked in their own time to get their measurements taken at the Showroom based on their availability. Afterwards, we waited 12 weeks as the eight suits were created.

Yes, eight suits. That’s one for the groom, two for the two MCs who are our friends, and six for his groomsmen. Such a large project but we were in capable hands!

First Fitting

The first suit fitting was at the end of July where all but one of the wedding party could make it so InStitchu organised for him to have an alternate fitting.

The nine of us were welcomed into the Showroom with glasses of whiskey for the men, and a glass of sparkling wine for myself.

Due to the sheer size of the wedding party, two stylists were in store so we could have two fittings at a time. As we sipped on our alcoholic beverages, the wedding party slowly went through the paces of getting their measurements which took nearly two hours.

All but one of the guys needed alterations to their suit, or shirt due to weight loss so we worked with the stylists for a second fitting.

Second Fitting

The second fitting at InStitchu was a much quicker experience. This time only of the groomsmen needed another alteration so they all just tried on the suits, we took a few photos, have a few whiskies, and took the suits home!

The guys were all instructed to have their suits pressed again for that extra crisp, and pristine look that Institchu is known for.

The Wedding

Finally, after nearly eight years together, and two years engaged, I married the love of my life on the 15th of September 2018.

A big thank you to InStitchu for sponsoring the entire wedding party’s suits, and for your contribution to making our special day even more magical. To get some style inspiration from InStitchu, please follow @institchu on instagram.

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