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Impressions DJ Sydney Wedding Review

If you're looking at a great Dj for your Sydney wedding than look no further than Impressions DJ.

The Booking + Quote

In all honesty, the entire booking process was so easy, and we had not a single bad moment even during the wedding! The booking was made through Stephanie, our wedding coordinator from Long Reef Golf Club. Part of our wedding package was 5 hours of music (plus MC if necessary but we had 2 Macs) for the reception. We opted to also pay for 3 extra hours so they could do the music for the ceremony, and 2 hours during the photos, and drinks prior to the reception totalling $126.00 per hour including GST.

Organising Songs

A few weeks before the wedding they emailed us a Wedding Form that you need to return 3 weeks before your wedding date. In the form includes the songs you want for certain parts of the ceremony, and reception formalities like the aisle song, first dance etc. You can also pick either the artist, exact songs, genres, or mood for the songs played for certain parts, or leave it up to your Dj to judge based on the mood of the party. We chose to pick every single song that would play so all our favourite songs would play, and had our wedding party choose a song each.

A week before the wedding our Dj from Impression Djs named Grant called us up to discuss our Wedding Form. We had a good laugh over the phone, talked about his past with hardstyle, and loved the healthy mix of dance songs. He sounded like a good guy, had a chat to get to know us, and we were looking forward to meeting him on the day!

Wedding & Ceremony Experience

He played all the beautiful love songs (mainly acoustics) for the dinner, and then after the first dance, and the formalities he played nonstop dance songs. Due to the mixed audience, and our mixed taste in musical genres, he played a mix of RNB, Hiphop, pop, grime, Trap, and Hardstyle.

The liquor was pouring, and I saw so many people get really into the music. I had a blast, and I knew that everyone else did too. Thank you Impression Djs for an incredible soundtrack to our wedding. 10/10, 5 stars, and I'd 100% recommend them to anyone who needs a Dj for their wedding!

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