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Dream Wedding Cake & Quote by Lozbakes

One thing I definitely didn’t want at my wedding was a wedding cake that just looked pretty but nobody ate. Thank goodness it didn’t happen to me, and all thanks to the beautiful Lauren Tran from LozBakes!

Lauren had previously made my birthday cake for my 21st birthday the year before so I knew her cakes were delicious.

Upon reaching out to her again, my now husband, and I compiled a brief on what kind of cake we were after. It’s important to properly brief the baker making your cake, and also be realistic about what is needed.

What will it look like?

Our wedding theme was we wanted everything simple, romantic, and full of pinks, golds, and white. There were thick roses throughout the wedding from the decorations, to the bouquets, the centrepieces, and the ceiling. Lauren provided us with 4 sketches that each took on a different take of the brief. We chose option 1.

What do you want to eat, and what do they want to eat?

We wanted to definitely eat our cake. It’s our wedding! But we also wanted people to eat our cake too as we wouldn’t want the cake to be a wasted expense, or just a pretty thing that was there. For myself, I don’t really like chocolate, or buttercream, and my husband hates cheese. So we chose to get Gaytime for the first/bigger tier, and Ferrero for the top tier.

How many people will actually eat the cake?

For our wedding we offered numerous types of dessert because we know not everyone is a cake person, and also, we love dessert so we wanted our favourites. There was leche flan, cathedral jelly, puto, and of course our cake!

There was 121 people attending so we accounted that 60 would properly get cake, and provided enough servings for 50 people to try other dessert.

How big should the cake be?

To have a cake so monstrously big for no reason other than having a big cake is a waste. Get a cake that fits the party!

On the Lozbakes website, Lauren gives the following size guide for cake to person ratio:

One-tier cakes

5" (serves approx. 10) - $80.

6" (serves approx. 15) - $125.

7" (serves approx. 20) - $155.

8" (serves approx. 26) - $185.

9" (serves approx. 35-38) - $225

Two-tier cakes

5"+7" (serves approx. 26-28) - $200 for one flavour / $220 for two flavours.

6"+8" (serves approx. 40) - $260 for one flavour / $280 for two flavours.

6"+9" (serves approx. 50) - $295 for one flavour / $315 for two flavours.

7"+10" (serves approx. 60) - $350 for one flavour / $370 for two flavours.

8"+10" (serves approx. 65-70) - $380 for one flavour / $400 for two flavours.

We chose a 2 layer cake 6” + 9” cake with two flavours: Gaytime & Ferrero.


Moist vanilla sponge cake with milk chocolate ganache spread, malt biscuit crumb, and homemade salted caramel swirl mousse

Ferrero Rocher:

Layers of fudgy milk chocolate mud cake and light Nutella mousse sprinkled with roasted chopped hazelnuts.

How much does it cost?

We paid $335 for the cake, and $29.95 for the topper. When we shopped around, we got varying quotes from $300-900 for the same cake so we’re very happy with the price. To lock it in, we paid $100 for a non refundable deposit, and the remaining $349.95 a month before the wedding.

How did it taste?

Incredible! The cake cutting was surprisingly so fun, and we were in awe of how beautiful it turned out.

Thank you to Lauren Tran of Lozbakes for doing an amazing job!

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