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Rustic Succulent Wedding Table Centrepieces

Photo by Captured Frames

My wedding was truly a dream come true.

Every time I think back of the 15th of September 2018, I feel an overwhelming happiness, and peace that everything had fallen into place. Eight years of our love, eight years of enduring many obstacles, and we were finally married.

When I looked at him, I get to say, "this is my husband".

Every detail of the wedding was carefully planned. Nothing too extravagant because that was not us. Our love is not complicated, it is simple. I love him, and he loves me, and all actions, all words go back to those two true statements. We didn't want any part of the wedding decorations to take away from the true importance of the day: I love him, and he loves me.

Our wedding had 121 guests:

13 member of the Wedding party

14 Godparents

Our guests sat in four long tables of 24 people each.

Photo by Captured Frames

What we didn't want were centrepieces that stopped the social part of weddings. We wanted people to talk, laugh, and meet the other people we love in our lives. We wanted centrepieces that were beautiful, and real, and that could be taken home by our guests to be grown, and flourish in their gardens.

Photo by Captured Frames

Each table had 4 real wooden plates covered in real moss, and an array of real succulent plants. Lovingly created by his cousins who own The Plant Place, they bought the plants, crafted each by hand, and set them up at 9am before the ceremony. Between each centrepiece was fresh eucalyptus leaves, and white, or pink roses.

Photo by Captured Frames

Scattered across the centrepieces were scented candles in clear glass jars, and hand written notes to our wedding party, and Godparents.

The room smelt so beautiful. It was all so beautiful.

A big thank you to The Plant Place for generously creating these centrepieces for us, and for donating your time to make our day even more special.

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