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DIY $36 Wedding Signs

Whether it be a bride walking down the aisle, or guests being chaperoned to their seats at the reception, every wedding needs some signage. But when it comes to buying Welcome signs, seating charts, and the other miscellaneous signs, the dollars pile up.

When we were planning our wedding I was shocked to find out that a simple sign can cost upwards $75. So why buy, when you can just DIY? Here's how we made our signage for $30.

DIY Design - Cost $0

There are plenty of free to download templates online for the different wedding signs, and plenty of websites with free fonts. In a few minutes you can whip up your own design, and it doesn't cost you a cent.

My husband made ours on Adobe Photoshop which you can see here. Remember less is more when it comes to signage! It needs to be easy to read for all guests.

Print It Out - Cost $20

Now you have your design, time to print it out! We headed to Officeworks, and printed our posters out on A1 160gsm coated paper in colour which cost us only $20.

A Foam Board - Cost $13.60

As our signs were put on easels, we needed something sturdy to mount the paper prints on. We went to our local art store Eckersleys, and bought A1 sized foam boards 55mm deep which cost only $13.60. We used a standard glue stick to stick the paper onto the foam. If you don't have any glue at home, we used the UHU Blue Stick 21g which was $3.12. This glue stick allows you to see the areas that have been glued down as it goes on blue, and dries clear!

To not get any air bubbles I used a ruled to slowly flatten down the paper onto the board as I was laying it onto the foam.

Ta-da! You're done x

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