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Sydney Wedding Reception Venues & Prices

It took me weeks until I found the perfect wedding venue! You can read about what boxes the venue had to check before I said it was where I wanted to get married here.

There were a lot of amazing places in New South Wales, Australia that would’ve been incredible wedding venues for my wedding. Below are the other venues I considered, including the pricing, to help make your wedding planning easier!

Watsons Bay Hotel

Location: Watsons Bay Hotel, Watsons Bay, NSW Australia

Minimum Capacity: Each function room has a different capacity

Maximum Capacity: Each function room has a different capacity

Spaces Available: The ‘Top Deck’ is a large alfresco space overlooking Sydney Harbour. It features a retraceable roof, private bar, and fits 90 seated, or 150 standing. The ‘Mid Deck’ also overlooks Sydney Harbour with a pop-up bar, and can fit 100 seated, or 120 standing. The ‘Sunset Room’ has grey timber flooring, white interior, and was recently refurbished in 2013. It can fit 150 seated, or 350 standing.

Time Limit: 5 hours with music cut off at 11:45pm

Deposit Required: $5500 which is 25% of your minimum food and beverage spend plus 100% venue hire. If you book within 90 days of your event you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% the total projected wedding spend.

Payment Due: The deposit must be paid within 7 days of receiving your signed agreement which secures your date. You must pay 50% of the total remaining estimated function charge 3 months prior to your wedding. You must pay the remaining full amount no later than 14 days prior to the wedding. Your card will be pre approved for any additional charges such as if you extend your bar tab.


  1. Quiet beach location

  2. A lot of space available for larger guest lists

  3. Large array of food options such as food stations.


  1. There is a minimum spend of $14,000 for food & beverages which may not be good for smaller weddings

  2. If you are booking the Sunset Room, and have a musician playing through the AV system, you must book the rooms above the Sunset Room.

  3. Does not include any decorations, or styling

Menu + Prices:

Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat

Location: 55 Radiata Road, Kangaroo Valley, NSW 2577

Minimum Capacity: Unknown

Maximum Capacity: 90 in the function area but can fit 130 seated when the marquee is erected outside to extend the function area

Spaces Available: Full, and private use of 100 acre property

Time Limit: Your booking is for 2 nights with the checkout at 2pm

Deposit Required: Unknown

Payment Due: Unknown


  1. You get married at the ‘Rock Cathedral’ which is a 250 million year old rock formation which fits 90 people seated

  2. There is a Sunset Deck overlooking nature for spectacular photo opps!

  3. There is a fireplace was a cuddly wedding reception

  4. A spit roast, fire pit, and outdoor BBQ

  5. Complete private use of the 100acre property which includes exclusive booking of the 68 capacity lodge, and cabins

  6. If you have more than 68 guests, they can accomodate another 20 on a campsite

  7. Plenty of nearby activities like a swimming pool, yoga, horse riding, golf course, hiking, and canoeing

  8. It’s BYO


  1. Very far away from Sydney CBD so transporting everyone is problematic

  2. Smoke clings to your clothes so your wedding dress will smell

  3. Onside accomodation fits only 68 people so if you are making use of the 90 person capacity not everyone has a bed.

Accomodation: Cost for 2 nights for the bridal couple is is $1150 in 2018 or $12500 in 2019. Guests pay a combined $8900 for the 2 nights. For example, 64 guests at the rate of $70 equals $8900.

Menu + Prices:

Sydney Botanic Gardens

Photo Credit:

Location: Sydney Botanic Gardens

Minimum Capacity:

Maximum Capacity: Without a dance floor you can fit 140 seated or 250 standing. With a dance floor you can fit 110 seated or 250 standing

Spaces Available: Botanic Gardens Restaurant

Deposit Required: 25% of your minimum spend required within 7 days of receiving your deposit invoice

Payment Due: Full payment due 7 days prior to the wedding excluding the amount of the deposit


  1. All wait staff are in black tie formal

  2. It is a famous, and breathtaking venue

  3. Wedding ceremony venue available on the grounds

  4. Beautiful spaces for photos

  5. A lot of food options

  6. In Sydney CBD so easy to get to

  7. A lot of nearby accomodation


  1. No styling is provided

  2. Very expensive when you factor in the decorations, ceremony, accomodation, and transport

Menu + Prices:

Which wedding reception venue do you like the best? Let me know in the comments xx

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