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Must haves for your portable changing caddy

Why we chose the Bunnie Caddie

We were looking for an aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean, spacious, and organisation-friendly changing caddy, and finally found Bunnie Caddie! We loved the modern look of the Bunnie Caddie, and that out wasn’t made of plastic which would get hot so could affect the products within. Instead, the Bunnie Caddie is made of premium felt with metal hardware, and buttery leather straps.

We ended up getting two of Bunnie Caddies: one in tan for home use as it matches the house theme, and one in black as our car interior is black, and red leather.

What’s inside our home portable changing caddy

After careful research, including recommendations from lots of mums, below are the products we’ve purchased which we believe will be best for our son. Notably, my husband’s family has some history of eczema, and acne so the products also factor in sensitive skin which have shown great success for babies with both skin conditions. I’m also allergic to avocados so none of the products mentioned will contain any avocado oils eg Gaia products contain avocado oil.

Medical/Skin/Health Needs

Inside one compartment we have all of our son’s medicine, and skincare products. The caddie is kept out of direct sunlight, and in a cool area so won’t affect the integrity of the products.

As a baby can use different medical products as he gets older, even by a few months, we’ll be updating this section the most based on those age restrictions.

For medicine we have baby Panadol (1m+), baby Vicks, a thermometer, baby Neurofen (3m+), Fess Nasal Saline Spray, Coloxyl, a nasal aspirator, and Vitamin D drops.

For skincare we have mainly Moogoo sunscreen, Moogoo insect repellant, Moogoo Scalp Cream for his cradle cap, and Vaseline.

For other health needs we have Bonjela teething gel, baby cotton buds, and Gripe Water.

We bought the haircare brush set from Baby Bunting that included a comb, and brush (so soft!).


We utilised the largest compartment for his nappies we half the compartment is for daytime nappies, and half for nighttime nappies. We also have a few changing cream/spray options: Weleda Nappy Changing Cream, Sudocream, Curash Healing Cream, Curash Nappy Rash Cream, and Curash Medicated Nappy Rash Spray.


For nappies, we’ve been advised to not stock pile too much on a specific nappy brand in case it doesn’t react well to our baby’s skin, or bowl movements. So we’ve bought one pack each of the following types which were the highest recommended for baby boys by other mums until we figure out which works best: Huggies Ultimate, Little One’s Ultra Dry, and Rascal and Friends Newborn + Infant.

Same with nappies, we were advised not to stock pile too much of a specific wet wipe brand so we’ve found a pack each of a few brands but ensured they were all fragrance free.

We also have a box of tissues, and two nappy covers just incase!


I intend to breastfeed but the breastfeeding specific products are in my portable cart that we’re keeping by my bedside which I’ll share in a different post. However we do have some breast pads in the side pocket for me so I can apply after breastfeeding.


For teethers in the caddy we bought everyone’s favourite: Sophie the Giraffe! We have a bunch of their range but keep the teether boxed, and So Pure Soft teether ring in this caddy. We have a bunch of other teethers in our nappy bag that's with the pram, and in his 0-3 toy box.

For general biting we also have two sets of mitts, and of course the Bongela teething gel mentioned earlier.


For the burping rags, the Kmart Terry cloth nappies were the number one recommended option at only $19 for a set of 12. These are large enough to go over my entire shoulder, back, and front in case he vomits, or has a blow out while burping.

We also have two bibs for just general clean up like dribble when not burping him.


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