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Montessori children instruments

There are so many skills I’d love to equip my son with which is extremely daunting as a first time mum.

One of the highest recommended that is often overlooked is the ability to play musical instruments.

Musical instruments are a great way for children to build their fine, and gross motor skills, work on hand-eye coordination, stimulate their mental development, and also is a fun sensory activity!

In fact, engaging with music is an activity that uses both your logical, and creative sides of the brain. This is turn helps build more brain connections, and helps children think more agile.

When looking for child friendly musical instruments we looked to Hootenanny who uses natural materials, to create Montessori friendly, open-ended instruments that adhere to Australian standard.

We chose the Hootenanny The Shake, Rattle & Roll Kit” which was only $69, and consists of a tambourine, egg shakers, claves, and a triangle.

While our son won’t be able to play with the instruments just yet, we’ll be playing the instruments to him to get him used to it so when he is ready, he can mirror/mimic how he’s seen us use the instruments.


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