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Cafe Claire Annandale

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of brunching at Cafe Claire in Annandale! The Sunday weather in Sydney was beautifully sunny with a cool breeze. The coffee was piping hot, the Taro latte was deliciously sweet, and high tea has always been one of my favourite past times.

My husband, and I sat outside under a flowering tree, and indulged in Cafe Claire’s famous high tea, sipped on latte’s, and devoured the Cheese French Toast, and of course the brekkie staple: bacon with eggs on sourdough.

I love that all the food were adorned with fresh, petite flowers that gave extra life to the food, and were a lovely touch on the fine Spring day.

Some of the nibbles in the high tea included mango mochi, matcha sponge cake with pavlova, macarons, and an interesting concoction of kiwi, jelly, cream, and cookies.

Thank you to Cafe Claire for having me!

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