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The importance of the reception entrance song

Imagine this.

The ceremony was beautiful, you've finished the wedding photos, and your guests have all been seated at the reception. The MC announces your wedding party entrance, the music plays, and everyone tunes out because you picked the most boring song ever.

We get it - you're in love! But while the ceremony was about the sweet, romantic songs, the reception is supposed to be the damn party. It's gotta sound like one too. Just like you can only make one first impression with someone, you can only have one entrance to the reception.

For our wedding we wanted something modern, upbeat, and something that everyone knew the lyrics to so they can belt it out while they dance. We picked Like It Like That by Cardi B. No regrets at all.

Everyone was dancing, having a great time, and it was the best song to hype everyone up for what was the most incredible night!

Pick something memorable, that people will enjoy, that you can say "I threw a hell of a party".

Photos by Captured Frames.

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