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The Boroughs Food and Coffee in Erskinville

Sundays are made for sleep ins, relaxing reads, and of course brunch.

While my husband, and I frequent brunch spots across Sydney we chose to invite his family along to The Boroughs Food and Coffee in Erskinville. It was our first time visiting, and we had heard only good reviews about this Thai asian fusion restaurant.

We booked a table for 5, and when we arrived the restaurant was only partially occupied so I think walk ins on weekends are fine. We found a sweet nook in the back, overlooking the courtyard, and ordered a round of coffees.

The Borough's manager came to our table, introduced himself, and recommended some delicious meals to put that spice into our brunch experience. while we waited for our food (around 10-20 minutes) we had a wander around.

The Boroughs is decorated in printed wooden panels with fresh flora on each table, wooden benches, brightly coloured cushions, and art in every corner. If you're looking for a nice instagrammable brunch, you've found it!

We ordered Thai Beef Salad, Green Papaya Salad, Gai Yang, Crying Tiger, Grilled Chicken Salad Wagyu Beef Burgers and they even made us some dessert of sticky rice with mango!

Brunch at The Boroughs was truly a wonderful experience to share with the in-laws. Thank you to the amazing team at The Boroughs for inviting us for brunch x

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