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90's High Ponytail OOTD

I've been rewatching my favourite 90's movies like Jawbreaker, Clueless, and Pleasantville, and listening to my favourite old school Britney Spears songs.

So here's my modern version of my favourite 90's trends: the high pony tail. It's by far my favourite of 90's hairstyles.

The high pony tail held up by a pastel scrunchie is my favourite trend because:

  • it's great for days between showers as it keeps your hair our of your eyes

  • makes you feel younger and by extension look younger

  • it's easy to do especially when you're in a hurry

I'm wearing the pink scrunchie from Boohoo which is part of their Ruched Satin Scrunchie 6 Pack.

Brows: Brow Define Palette in the shade Chestnut by Inika Organics

Foundation: Pro Filter Soft Matte Foundation in the shade 210 by Fenty Beauty

Blush: Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in the shade Paaarty by Tarte Cosmetics

Lipgloss: So Juicy Plumping Lipgloss in the shade big slice by Colourpop Cosmetics


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