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A weekend away in Sydney's West Hotel

The mental load. The burden, most commonly faced by women, of mentally preparing lists upon lists of what needs to be done, and what reactions will follow as a result.

For example, preparing dinner is not just dinner. It’s thinking about what food everyone will like, what food groups haven’t they had enough of that day, what ingredients do you have, what ingredients will you need to buy, what other tasks do you now need to move around to make that a reality.

I feel somewhat overwhelmed with my mental load so I sought a weekend staycation at West Hotel in Sydney.

It’s nestled near the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and just a few minutes walk from the main shopping district.

The rooms are spacious.

Decorated in art deco but not missing any modern necessities like tv, coffee, and a large shower.

Plus, a large bed that’s perfect for cosy cuddles.

The perfect way to spend a day or two without needing to do a thing.


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