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Affordable Scandinavian kitchen stools

Our home is full of light, muted tone furniture with natural veneer frames. Mostly the furniture is rounded, and allows a natural flow of movement from piece to piece, and room to room.

When searching for the right Scandinavian style bar stools for the kitchen bench I stumbled across the Brosa Kim barstools.

Unlike the other light, scandi barstools I had seen prior, the Brosa stools came in a set at an affordable price tag of $299.


The fabric is a soft cream, and even softer to sit on. No matter how long we sit there we don't get any pain or discomfort sitting on this 100% polyester unlike other barstools.

The wood is a solid ash wood coated in a clear varnish to protect the wood but keep the natural veneer visible.

Had to have it so we measured the kitchen bench to ensure the stools wouldn’t be too high or low, and 18 weeks later ta-da!

Long wait times for furniture isn’t surprising as many Australian stores manufacture overseas, and when COVID spread through China, many Australian furniture stores lead time stretched to weeks, and even months.

But nowadays you can get these barstools in 1-2 days so if that isn’t your hint to buy them then I don’t know what is.


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