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Baby Products I'd Honestly Buy Again

It’s been 9 months since my son was born which has meant 9 months worth of memories, lessons learnt but also products that were either a hit or miss.

Below are the products or product types that I would, and wouldn’t recommend.

My son LOVES this toy, and has for several months. We’ve used it since he was 3 months old to help him learn to sit, stand, and furniture surf/walk. The gears are brightly coloured so grab his attention, can be manipulated by his hands so encourages him moving, and easily suctions to smooth surfaces.

My son loves to be held. He loves being as close to us as possible, and this carrier helps us remind hands free to still do tasks. It’s really easy, and fast to strap him in, and even easier to clean.

I overproduce breastmilk so I feel like I’m constantly leaking. I’ve tried over 10 brands of breastpads from reusable to single use ones. The single use ones never absorbed properly, and made my nipples itchy. And the other reusable ones weren’t big or thick enough to absorb how much I leaked.

The mums that know, know. I chose this pram for many reasons like it can be used for up to 3 kids (bassinet, seat, and scooter) while still having the storage pouch, lightweight, one hand manoeuvring, and fast to expand. The storage pouch is so big that we usually use it for our groceries instead of a trolley. When we travel to our Airbnb we bring the bassinet attachment for our son to sleep in too as it has a mattress.

My husband does most of the night feeds since our son was born to allow me to rest. We tried the Tommee Tippee bottles (bub hated them), Dr Brown Anti Colic Bottles (leaked, nightmare to clean, and bub hated the let down), and the glass Pigeon bottles (got too hot too quick).

I originally bought this when I was going on a work holiday during my maternity leave (all expenses holiday to Bali) so had to pump to maintain my milk supply, and not get mastitis. The suction is the strongest I saw of similar brands (Mon Lait, MuMilk etc), and was quiet. It’s so quiet that people usually can’t tell when I’ve started pumping in Ubers (during the trip), the flight, or in the office. It’s super handy around the house too when I don’t have time to pump using my Pigeon Go Mini.

We read so many reviews about different high chairs, and this product was the most highly recommended, and the reviews are right. It matches our oak dining furniture, so easy to clean, the cushion is comfortable, and it’s durable so we’ll be able to use it for many years since it converts to an adult seat.

Our son has light eczema which isn’t surprising as some of my husband’s close relatives have ezcema. We tried the QV Baby cream but it just didn’t give our son the moisturising he needed so he kept scratching until he became red, and bloody. Literally the day we switched to Aveeno it stopped. Instant relief for our bub!

We originally had a change table but we changed our baby more, and more just around the house. Then when our son learnt to roll over it seemed it was all he wanted to do so changing him on a change table was such a challenge. The Bunny Caddie allowed us to easily carry all the necessities around the house.


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