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Boody Lounge Range Review

I've been wearing Boody apparel products for a few months now, and they recently launched their Loungewear Range so I had to try it out!

What is Boody?

Boody is an Australian based apparel company who makes non seasonal wardrobe staples using organically-grown bamboo manufactured through sustainable practices. All of their clothes have been designed to be comfortable, breathable, and in colours that are timeless so you don't need to keep buying different iterations of the same thing.

Boody is a firm advocate for the environment with all their products using materials that have been certified by OEKO-TEX, ECO CERT, FSC, Peta approved, and are a part of 1% for the Planet which is an organisation that certifies the brand donates at least 1% of their profits to environmental causes.

About the Boody Lounge Range

Their loungewear was designed to be a sustainably made range to dress you for your ultimate downtime. Whether it be daywear for something comfortable to lounge on your couch or loose sleepwear while you sleep (perhaps on your Koala mattress?).

There are a total of 8 pieces within the lounge collection, and they all come in either dusty pink, dove, natural white, and storm. Due to the simple silhouettes, and gentle colours that compliment each other, you are able to mix, and match the pieces.

My Boody Lounge Haul

I received the Goodnight Sleep Cami ($29.95), Goodnight Sleep Shorts ($29.95), Goodnight Nightdress ($49.95), and Women's Chunky Bed Socks ($14.95) all in dusty pink.

I think the lounge range is comfort without comprising your budget, the impact on the environment, or your health. The more I learn about the environmental impacts of fast fashion, as well as how the sourcing, and manufacturing of materials has been catastrophic on the world around us, the more I look for brands who:

  • are environmentally conscious

  • use sustainably sourced materials

  • pay their workers fair pay

  • invest in laboratory testing, and certifications to ensure their products are safe for people to use

  • care with their wallet about the whole life cycle of their products

Boody has shown that through all of their products including the lounge range. And you can see it in the quality of the products, the transparency on their website, and their charity work.

I have been a big fan of Boody for a months now ever since I first found their products. In fact my husband now has 20+ pairs of their briefs which are the only pairs he uses since he says they're supportive, breathable, and just feel so much better than even the luxury brand briefs we've purchased elsewhere.

I was so excited to find out they were launching a lounge range because it gave us more opportunities to wear Boody.

Comfort. All. Day. And Night.

I love that the lounge range is loose fitting but still drapes across your body in a flattering way. The colour options are beautiful but not in your face with some small details. The colours were actually inspired by Spring flowers, and the morning sky!

And the material. Oh God the material is just so unbelievably soft, and stays cool.

The material is actually made of bamboo viscose which is a long lasting, and environmentally friendly fabric choice. Boody uses 100% organic bamboo which has been grown without pesticides, fertilisers, then softened in water based softening solution, spun into viscose yarn, treated with natural dyes, and then knitted together for the beautiful pieces sold on their website!

Would I buy it again? Definitely. Am I a fan? Definitely.


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