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Must Stay Accomodation in Byron Bay - Cacti Mi Casa

For the first time ever my husband, and I visited Byron Bay. It was for my birthday on June 8th 2019, and it's the dead of winter. But we aren't surfers, and while we enjoy the odd day at the beach we are definitely people who prefer to go explore, eat in nice restaurants, and retire to a comfy place of accomodation at night.

Luckily I had the opportunity to stay at Cacti Mi Casa which is an Airbnb listed by the founders of Edwards and Co. The owners made the Airbnb upstairs of their Edwards and Co location in Byron Bay as their holiday getaway whenever they visit this particular location.

How big is the airbnb?

Well while I live in a two storey house I've visited a lot of friends apartments in Sydney, and Cacti Mi Casa is definitely on the larger size for an apartment. As said previously, it is upstairs of the Edwards and Co salon, and offers a VERY spacious apartment. It technically sleeps two people as it has one queen Koala mattress but there is a wide sofa that could sleep three people, and a lot of floor space for a swag, or air mattress.

What is it nearby?

We rented a car as we would be there for four days, and luckily we did! It was about 30 minutes from the Ballina domestic airport, and 10 minutes to the beach. The Airbnb is located in a more industrial area surrounded by little boutiques, cafes, and entertainment/play centre, petrol station, offices, and a brewery. The entrance to Cacti Mi Casa is at the front of the lot by the disabled parking spot with the key in a locked box by the entrance that can only be unlocked by using the code they give you via email a few days prior to your stay.

What is Cacti Mi Casa like?

When you go up the staircase to the apartment you're greeted by a lovely hanging plant, and a floor length mirror. Behind this mirror is the only power switch that controls the main lighting which wasn't covered in the email or Airbnb listing.

The apartment is open floor so there's only two rooms: the main room, and the bathroom. On your right is the tv, sound system, VERY wide sofa, and your own personal balcony that has a few plants, a hammock, and a view of the opposite gym.

On the right is the open closet that has three shelves, a rack, and a few wooden hangers for your clothes. There is a queen Koala mattress!, and really lovely linen from The Beach People, and a set of decorative pillows. On either side of the bed are hanging lights but the only switch for these is on the left hand side. The powerpoint is also only on the left.

In front going across majority of the room is the kitchen. You're given a full fridge/freezer, stove, oven, utensils, cooking supplies, and a lot of assorted ceramic dinnerware for whatever your Instagram aesthetic is. Only downside to the kitchen is there is no drying rack for when you wash the dishes.

By the bed is the bathroom which has a hanging shower with salon sized Kevin Murphy shampoo, and conditioner. There is Venetian opaque blinds there to air out the bathroom but beware; opposite of the bathroom is Edwards and Co's upstairs salon. Also as someone who is 5'2" the mirror in the bathroom is really high so I could only see the top of my head.

Outside of the bathroom is a washing machine, and dryer, steamer (I LOVE steamers over irons), and a dining table that could comfortably seat 6 people.

When you go outside the glass doors is a shared balcony between Edwards and Co, and the other store's apartment which is diagonal from the airbnb. Also on this balcony is a lot of cacti, and beautiful wall art of Mother Nature.

How is privacy?

You don't really notice that everyone in Edwards and Co's upstairs salon is there until you walk closer to the glass doors on the left. It was a bit startling at first even if they obviously aren't just sitting there watching you. for peace of mind we kept the blinds down or halfway during their store hours just for privacy.

Do I recommend it?

It really is a nice, and spacious place to stay. Gorgeous for people who want to take Instagram photos as it is actually a frequent haunt for influencers who can collaborate to stay there for free. If you're looking for someone nice in Byron, and have access to a car I think it would be lovely to visit.


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