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Custom Height Chart Review

Leon is now 4 months old, outgrown his bassinet that’s in our bedroom, and growing at a healthy rate. Sadly, it looks like he’ll be moving into his nursery soon.

We’ve been putting him down for naps in the cot, and doing lots of his tummy time in the nursery so the adjustment won’t be too stressful for him.

But as much as it makes me happy that he’s growing up, I’m also sad that he’s growing up. Seriously, he’s gotten so much taller.

And of course, as tradition goes, we ordered a height chart from CoCreative Designs in Sydney so we can mark his growth each month.

What is CoCreative Designs?

CoCreative Designs is an online store which specialises in customised announcement cards, height charts, baby products, events signage, and wedding favours. They’re based in Sydney, and all their products are Australian made but shipping is available worldwide!

What was the buying experience?

Buying from CoCreative Designs was super easy! I was in communication with one of the cofounders Louisa who helped me through the whole design process.

I ordered their Personalised Name - Kids Growth Chart - Canvas Portable which is $99 AUD or you can pay $24.75 AUD a fortnight through Afterpay.

I chose the Australian Oak Wood with laser engraving in font choice 11. So we can use it for hopefully all our kids, we made the custom engraving our family surname, and the year my husband, and I started dating!

It’s super lightweight so you could hook it to the wall but I opted to use removable, velcro strips on the top, and bottom to make it flush against the wall.


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