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Is the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor Worth it?

In the age when pretty much anything can be hacked, and news stories regularly coming out about tragic accidents involving children, the safety of my baby boy is something that is always on my mind.

When we were looking for a baby monitor there were numerous features we said were absolutely essential, and below I’ll go over why we chose the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor.

“But we didn’t have these gadgets in our day”

Says some nay-sayers. There’s a lot of things that used to be done by older generations that we now know are dangerous, or can be done in a safer way for our children. I strongly believe that as parents, it’s one of our responsibilities to improve the situation for our children, and set a stronger, more educated foundation for them to also make improvements when it’s their time to make those decisions.

And just like I wouldn’t have a baby cot with lead bars, or car without air bags, I wouldn’t pick a dodgy, or outdated baby monitor for my baby.

Encrypted Feed

One of the big concerns relating to baby monitors parents have in the different mummy groups I’m in is finding a baby monitor that isn’t connected to the wifi because they’re worried it’ll be hacked.

And it’s a real concern. I’ve heard of many cases where someone has hacked into a baby monitor, and have been either saving the content or speaking to baby, both perhaps for ill intent.

The Cubo AI Plus boasts enterprise-level security where all your videos, and photos are encrypted then stored in the Cloud with unique AES-256 bit symmetric key encryption that is only accessible via your authenticated device. This means that instead of using IP addresses which can be shared with other devices, and people like other baby monitors, the Cubo AI streams the content directly only to the authorised devices you’ve set it up with.

Two Factor Authentication

To add even another layer of security, and therefore, my peace of mind, the Cubo AI Plus has two factor authentication. This means in addition to your password protected app, you can also set up a unique 6 digit verification code that would be required each time you log into your Cubo account.

If you want more access for perhaps grandparents, you can have up to 8 concurrent viewers, and set up different account permissions for each person. For example, of some people can only view but not save any files.

High Quality Content Capturing

I want to treasure all the moments of my baby’s life. Just like how we have high quality phones, and professional cameras, I wanted that same quality for the baby monitor.

The Cubo AI Plus has a 135° wide angle lens, 4x magnification, and shoots in 1080p HD as well as has infrared light for night vision.

You can also utilise the ai auto photo capture to not miss any of those important moments, save the photos, and videos from any livestreams, and replay any notifications like with your Ring or Arlo devices.

Plus you can easily review up tp 18 hours of footage.

Big on Baby Safety

The Cubo AI Plus detects if the baby’s face is covered, if they’ve rolled over, or are in a dangerous zone (aka not within the bassinet or cot). These are important to help reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) such as when the baby has suffocated because they’ve rolled over, and haven’t learned how to roll back onto their back yet.

If the baby is in an unsafe position, the app will send you an “Risk” notification.

The baby monitor can also detect the temperature, and humidity of the area so you can quickly adjust the room conditions so the baby doesn’t overheat or freeze.

If the conditions aren’t ideal, the app will send you an “Alert” notification.

And if the baby is just moving around you’ll receive a “Notice” notification”.

All these notifications can be customised to suit your preferences

Help Get More Sleep

Instead of having multiple devices, the Cubo AI Plus can also play numerous lullabies, and has built in analytics about your baby’s sleep.

For example, you can see how long the baby slept, how frequently they woke up, longest time they were asleep, average time it took to fall asleep, how many times someone visited them, if they cried, is the baby moves etc, and all of that can be broken down by day or by week.

All in One App

When you get the Cubo Ai Plus it comes with 1 free year of the Premium Cubo AI Care subscription plan.

Disclaimer: I have been sponsored by this brand. I may receive monetary compensation for anysales generated through the links within this article. All opinions stated are my own.


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