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Baby Changing Table Must Haves

We’ve set up different nappy changing scenarios. We have a Bunny Caddy changing/nappy caddy in our bedroom, one in the car, a nappy bag for the pram in the car, and have finalised his changing station in his nursery.

Below are the products we intend to use for our son which was heavily recommended by mums I spoke to across social media, and real life, as well as backed by the feedback of medical professionals I spoke to in my appointments, and through my own research.

The products listed keep in mind that I am allergic to avocados so cannot use any baby products that contain avocado oil, and many of my husband’s family have eczema or acne prone skin.

Creams & Sprays:


We're trying several brands of wipes as lots of sources say different reviews of different brands. All the ones we're trying are fragrance free, and will be kept on that same top level with the creams, and sprays.


The nappies for his size are being stored in a woven box. We're trying a few brands based on the top recommendations by mums for baby boys.

Huggies Ultimate - Mums say it’s the best for overnight as it won’t leak even for baby boys

Rascal and Friends Newborn + Infant - Another alternative for overnight nappies. Some mums in some Facebook groups I’m in said cheaper Huggies (not the Ultimates) gave their babies bad rashes so we have this one on hand.

Little Ones Ultra Dry - Mums say it’s a great affordable nappy for the day in the first 3 months when babies need an average of 10 nappy changes daily.

Changing table

Our changing table is from our furniture set from Quirky Bubba which came with a removable changing section, changing mat, and it has a harness so your baby won’t fall off. The changing table section is removable from the drawers below so you could use it as a normal tallboy as your child gets older. You can read the full review of my Quirky Bubba furniture here.


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