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Labour Hospital Bag: Things We Really Used

Packing the hospital bag

I’m currently 37 weeks, and 2 weeks ago I had to be hospitalised for monitoring due to reaching emergency care level high blood pressure (180+) which brought an onslaught of symptoms. I was hospitalised for nearly a week, and underwent undergoing tests, and regular visits from my obstetrician, gestational blood pressure specialist, and all the wonderful nurses who had helped me throughout my stay.

Thankfully, the stay had given my husband and I a test run of our hospital bags that we prepared for my labour.

The hospital bags

We had prepared 1 x carry on luggage bag (roller bag), 1 x duffel bag, 1 x nappy carry (in the car), the carseat, and the pram around week 32, and had them loaded into the car so we would be ready at a moments notice to jet off to the hospital.

We opted to use a roller carry on luggage, and a duffel as opposed to 2 rollers because of the journey home. After the hospital stay with the baby, we'll have the baby in the stroller which does have a storage pouch for a bag but we'll put the pillow, and actual baby bag from the NSW government in there. So this way, the duffel can sit on top of the roller bag.

We were told by our medical staff that for first time mums it’s usually a 5 day stay for a vaginal birth with no complications, or 6 days for an Caesarian, so we packed the following things:

For me -

6 x pjs (no buttons, all nighties or shorts sets without any lace trims)

4 x change of clothes (all loose fitting maternity dresses)

1 x robe

5 x sets of underwear

4 x sets of postpartum underwear (pockets for padsicles)

2 x pairs of thick socks (I’ve ran hot during pregnancy)

2 x breastfeeding bras

Slides to walk around in

Slippers for the shower

1 x face moisturiser

1 x face cleanser

1 x peri bottle

1 x x sitz bath salts

1 x perennial foam

For my husband -

6 x underwear

6 x shirts

6 x shorts

3 x pjs

3 x pairs of socks

Slides to walk around in

Slippers for the shower

1 x face moisturiser

1 x face cleanser

1 x pillow (the suite has a double bed for my husband but we packed his pillow so he's more comfortable)

And to share:

1 x liquid body wash

1 x shampoo

1 x conditioner

1 x hair brush

1 x comb

2 x toothbrushes

1 x toothpaste

1 x floss kit

1 x mouthwash

1 x 3m phone cable


We’re booked in a private hospital, and all meals are included but we’ve packed these snacks too:




Kitkats (I’m really craving these!)

Migoreng (for those late night hunger pangs)

Hot chocolate powder (they have hot chocolate but we’ve packed Albon’s favourite)

And Xtend in grape flavour

The maternity floor, and birthing floor both have a kitchen that you're free to use, and each suite has a mini fridge so we kept our drinks in there but you could also pack some meals to reheat in the microwave.

We ended up using everything that was packed except for the peri bottle, perennial foam, and sits bath salts since I didn't actually give birth. Since coming back, we’ve washed, and repacked the hospital bags so ready for round two!

Disclaimer: I have been sponsored by one or more brands within this article. I may receive monetary compensation for all sales generated through the links within this article. All opinions stated are my own.


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