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Bedside Postpartum Cart Must Haves

I’ve been regularly told that following the beauty, and pains of childbirth is a few weeks to months of the pains of recovery. So we’ve been preparing the common rooms of our home with the postpartum essentials so my husband or I don’t need to go far, and I not wait too long to get what I need/want.

Our son will be sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom for 6-12 months so we bought an Ikea trolley to go by my bedside table to keep everything at arms reach.

We opted for the smaller trolley because our bed is fairly low to the ground.

The contents of the trolley are organised based on product type/need, and the products themselves were the most recommended, and I’ve researched into them.


The top level is dedicated to all things boobies.

For the actual breastfeeding I have a Haakaa breast pump, Haakaa Ladybug milk collectors, and Haakaa colostrum collectors. The Haakaa pumps were highly recommended in every mummy group I’m in, and I’ve been told that it can take days to weeks for your milk supply to come through, if it even does. So I wanted to try pumping with the Haakaa products first to see if I am capable, and if its sufficient for my sons breastfeeding needs. If I can, and do need an electric pump I’ll have plenty of time to buy one since it says you should be doing skin to skin breastfeeding for the first 2 weeks at least so the baby can learn to latch.

To help with breastfeeding I have the Moogoo Natural Nipple Balm, as well as the Willow by the Sea Nipple Balm because I’ve read you can’t have too much nipple balm on hand especially if you plan to build up milk supply for your freezer.

I also have the Got You Reusable Breast Ice/Heat packs which give relief from mastitis, and the Got You Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads for any leaking.

Lastly, I have the Lactamo ball which is a breast massager to help unclog milk ducts, and stimulate my milk production.


I’ll also have some drinks (water) on hand but I’ll put them there when the baby is actually here.


The second level is dedicated to my recovery products, and general maintenance. I also have separate recovery kits in our bathrooms which focus more on vaginal recovery.

For my belly I have the Willow By The Sea Belly Butter, and Belly Oil which I have been using both during pregnancy as well to successfully prevent stretch marks. I have Vaseline’s Intensive Care Body Lotion for the rest of my body.

I’ve already been using it but I have my belly band from my second trimester but I’ll be getting a new belly band soon which will cover my belly instead of just sitting under it to help with my lower back. For recovery I’m getting the Mamaway Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band.

We’ll be making our own padsicles using mainly the Partum Panties which I have in medium, and large. I’ve read that using these will be so much easier for the first few weeks than using a pad on mesh underwear as Partum Panties won’t rub against the stitches. Then when I'm out, and a few weeks into my recovery, I'll be switching to Bare Mum postpartum briefs as it can fit their reusable padsicle.

Note: To make padsicles you’ll need alcohol free witch hazel, and unscented aloe vera gel. Then pop them in a freezer bag, and keep them in the freezer til you need them. I’ve read you’ll need a minimum of 6 per day for a few weeks so we’ll have a small cooler bag on the second level of the trolley which we’ll put 2-4 ready for me, and the remainder in the freezer.

Baby needs

The last level is all about baby. We’ll have one of our Bunnie Caddies for his change stuff in the room as well so in this row we have some burp cloths, baby wipes, bibs, and a spare change of clothes just in case.


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