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Most Recommended Medicine Essentials For Babies

One of my biggest unavoidable concerns is when my baby will get sick. People get sick all the time but the thought of my little baby sick when babies can’t even fully see, are still getting used to the world, and don’t even understand the concept of their own limbs getting sick makes me want to cry because he won’t understand what’s happening, nor be able to fully communicate the problem.

Below are the products we intend to use for our son which was heavily recommended by mums I spoke to across social media, and real life, as well as backed by the feedback of medical professionals I spoke to in my appointments, and through my own research. Please consult your doctor, or other medical professional before using any medical products on yourself, and your children.

The products listed keep in mind that children can only use certain medical products at different ages so a majority are applicable to be used from newborns to 6 months old.

Chicco Thermometer

I was highly recommended that for babies to get a thermometer that could be put under their armpits as a more accurate way to get their temperature. This is because babies ears are too small for inner ear thermometers, and the thermometer guns that you point at the person can have 1-2 degrees of difference depending on numerous conditions eg if they were resting on one side then that side is hotter.

Can be used for children from 1 month old to help relieve gas, and griping pain.

Infacol (40mL)

Also can be used for children from 1 month old to help relieve gas, and griping pain but this one comes with a dropper.

Panadol for Children (Paracetamol 100mg/mL)

Can be used for children 1 month to 1 year. It comes with a plunger to give the dosage, and provides pain relief, as well as reduces fevers while being gentle on a baby’s stomach.

Can be used for children over 4 months old. Used to soothe pains, and discomfort for children who are teething.

Fess Little Noses (15mL Spray)

Can be used for newborns, and older. Used to clear nasal congestion by loosening, and thinning the nasal mucus.

Can be used for newborns, and older. Used to manually clear nasal congestion by sucking out the blockage.

Can be used from 6 months old. Used as a hypoallergenic, and pH-balanced way to wipe the babies eyes. I've also read that breast milk does wonders son you can just apply it to the babies eyes, and that will be my first option for treating any eye issues.

Remember to keep your medicine in a cool, dry area. Most medicine can't be stored in areas over 25 degrees. We're storing ours in this woven box from the Philippines, out of direct sunlight, and the room is temperature controlled.

Disclaimer: I have been sponsored by one or more brands listed in this article. I may receive monetary compensation for all sales generated through the links within this article. All opinions stated are my own.


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