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Everyplate 2021 Meal Subscription Review

Everyplate is an affordable Australian meal subscription service that deliveries weekly recipes, and ingredients. You can choose up to 6 easy to follow recipes per week (including vegetarian options) that all consist of only 4 steps, and take 20-45 mins each to cook (including prep).

Why choose a meal subscription service?

I live with just my husband, and our 10 year old dog Sookie. I chose to try a meal subscription service to try lessen my mental load.

Mental load is the term for the invisible labor of managing a household which statistically falls on the woman’s shoulders. Your mental load is not just about the physical tasks that need to be done like cooking, but also the overseeing of those tasks.

Australian census data shows that Australian women spend an average 5-14 hours per week in unpaid domestic work, whereas men spend less than 5 hours. Another study shows that the mental load has a damaging effect to a woman’s well-being, and a Bright Horizons study found that 52% of women feel burnout from all of their household responsibilities.

It’s that constant thought train in your head of to-do lists, and making notes.

So cooking a meal isn’t just putting food in the oven, and placing it on plates. It’s also figuring out what every person in the house wants to eat, did they consume enough servings of vegetables that week, what ingredients do we have in the kitchen, if I need to buy an ingredient do I also have time to go to X to buy Y, if I’m out should I also go get petrol so I don’t need to do it tomorrow, but if dinner is at 6pm what time do I need to start cooking, if I cook X will we still have enough of Y ingredient to cook Z for lunch tomorrow, if I cook X meal will it be okay to reheat for my husband's lunch for work the next day or do I need to cook something else?

I also hate reheating food so I prefer to cook everything fresh for that meal so Everyplate has been great!

How many servings is Everyplate?

You can pick up to 6 servings, for up to 6 people with Everyplate. This makes Everyplate the best choice for big families, and big households as they’re the only meal subscription service in Australia that offers boxes for that many people.

Is Everyplate owned by HelloFresh?

Yes, Everyplate is owned by HelloFresh but there are several differences between their meal subscription services. However, the recipes are all planned, and prepared by the same team!

What’s the difference between Everyplate and HelloFresh?

There are several differences between HelloFresh, and Everyplate.

HelloFresh aims at providing high quality ingredients that vary based on seasonality, to create inspirational meals each week. They seek to provide new twists to recipes, have you try ingredients you may not have before, and as a result their boxes are more premium so costs from $7.99 per meal. HelloFresh is only known to use a lot more packaging as each ingredient is individually wrapped.

In comparison, Everyplate provides simple, family friendly recipes that are quick to create, and use simple ingredients including pantry items. They aim to share family favourite meals what are fuss free, and cut out more experimental ingredients so you can be more in control of your household budget. As a result, their meals start at $4.99 per serving. Their ingredients have less packaging than HelloFresh as all vegetables are put into the box, and a cardboard divider, and cool pouch separates it from the meat.

Below are the difference in price between Everyplate, and HelloFresh including their $9.99 shipping fee:

How cheap are Everyplate meals?

Everyplate meals are really affordable as they start at $4.99 per serving but there are plenty of discounts available to make meals as low as $2.99. For example, you can use my code BUNNYB for 40% off your first box, and 20% off your next 2 boxes!

The weekly Everyplate box prices vary depending on how many meals, and how many people the box is for. The prices ar:

  • 2 people x 3 meals: $41.94

  • 2 people x 4 meals: $54.32

  • 2 people x 5 meals: $65.90

  • 2 people x 6 meals: $79.08

  • 4 people x 3 meals: $71.88

  • 4 people x 4 meals: $92.64

  • 4 people x 5 meals: $111.80

  • 4 people x 6 meals: $134.16

  • 6 peoplex 3 meals: $98.82

  • 6 people x 4 meals: $124.56

  • 6 people x 5 meals: $149.70

  • 6 people x 6 meals: $179.64

On top of this price is $9.99 for shipping.

What is an affordable meal subscription box in Australia?

Everyplate is an affordable Australian meal subscription box as it cuts away the frilly parts to just deliver essential ingredients to create tasty meals!

Everyplate’s sister company HelloFresh conducted a 10 week comparison study, and found that Hellofresh is 75% less expensive than the average household grocery expenses. As Everyplate is on average $39.73 cheaper than HelloFresh, Everyplate will be even less expensive than the household grocery bill.

Does Everyplate offer vegetarian meal options?

Yes! Everyplate launched vegetarian options for their menus starting Feb 9th 2021. You can see the menu up to 3 weeks in advance, and can skip a week.

Does Everyplate use Australian sourced ingredients?

Yes most of the Everyplate ingredients are grown, and sourced in Australia. You can see exactly where the ingredients are from here. I love that Everyplate is transparent about exactly where the ingredients are grown, and sourced, and the potential for allergens to be in each ingredient as I do have a handful of food allergies!

Do I need any other ingredients not included in the everyplace box?

There’s a few household pantry items that you’ll need such as canola oil, olive oil, salt, and pepper. As the recipes are simple, and supposedly fuss free, there won’t be a lot you’ll need to grab from your pantry.

Can you choose when to get your Everyplate box?

Yes! You can choose between day, and nighttime delivery windows from Saturday to Wednesday. The cut off time for ordering each week is 11:59am on Tuesdays, and you can edit your meal options by 11:59pm the Tuesday before the delivery.

Does Everyplate use a lot of packaging, and is it recyclable?

There’s not a lot of packaging with the deliveries, and all packaging is completely recyclable! Firstly flatten the cardboard box, and put it in your yellow, council recycling bin alongside the recipe cards, and any cans that may be included.

The white, cool pouches (like below) are made of plant based materials so you can reusable them or place it in your general waste (red bin) here it will decompose in landfill. The silver cool pouch needs to be recycled at REDCycle, and you can find your nearest drop off point, click here.

The Everyplate ice packs (super handy for keeping the meat fresh before being put in your fridge) contain a water-based gel that you’ll need to dispose in your general waste bin. However, we’ve chosen to reuse these for our esky so it’s currently stored in a cool, dry place, and we’ll pop it back in the freezer prior to reuse.

Lastly, all the soft plastic wrappers used to package the meat, salad, and herbs are completely recyclable in your yellow, recycling bin.

How long does the ingredients in Everyplate boxes stay fresh before you put it in the fridge?

You can leave your box outside for up to 8 hours without the ingredients being refrigerated as they’re packed inside cool pouches with ice packs (all recyclable!). We’ve opted for Sunday deliveries between 9am-4pm, and our first box came at 9:15am!

How do you cancel Everyplate deliveries?

Everyplate is a no lock in contract meal subscription service in Australia. You can skip a week, or cancel at any time.

Do I like Everyplate meals?

We received our box today (7th Feb 2021) so have only tried 1 meal which was sausages with potato wedges, and a mixed salad. It was super easy to cook, and we deviated slightly by using the air fryer for the wedges instead of roasting but all in all, it was delicious, and filling!


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