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Free things to do to improve yourself during quarantine

As many cities in the world slowly but surely moves towards quarantine, or a full lockdown, many of us are safe at home. This means a lot more time on our hands that can be used productively so when it's time to re-enter the world, we're all smarter, kinder, and a bit more passionate about how great life is.

Below are some free activities you can do in the comfort, and safety of your home to help you thrive:

Study a new university course

There are hundreds of universities who have provided thousands of free, or mostly free university courses online called "Mass Open Online Courses" or MOOCS. They cover nearly every subject imagineable, from universities across the globe like Harvard University, and many are self-paced so you can work your way through the material at your own pace. You can check of Class Central who have compiled 190 university courses that range from programming, business, engineering, computer sciene, social sciences, science, art & design, mathematics, humanities, health & medicine, data science, education, and personal development.

Explore a museum

Google worked with over 2500 musuems, and galleries from across the globe to share their art, and exhibitions online as part of Google's Art and Culture section. Within the comfort of your bed you can explore MoMA in New York, The Palace of Versailles in Versailles, or even the National Gallery in London.

Start your veggie patch or herb garden

Something I'm so excited to do when we move into our house is to start our veggie patch, and herb garden! In Sydney it's Autumn which is the best time to be planting coriander, garlic bulbs, marjoram, oregano, parsley, thyme, winter tarragon, broad beans, English spinach, green beans and peas. Make sure you find the planting guide that's for your region, and season to better equip yourself, and less chance of those greens dying before they reach your plate!


Now that all gyms are closed people have been emptying the shelves of any retailer that sells affordable home workout equipment, and workout equipment have surged up in price. For example, we went to one place that was selling their kettlebells at the increased price of $5 per kilo. Luckily, I've been working from home for long periods of time prior so I have a bunch of workout equipment. But for those without workout equipment, or limited products you can find so many free, home workout programs. My personal favourite is from Barbell Brigade called the "Lockdown Workout" as it's quick, daily workouts that work multiple muscle groups.

Get inspired by nature

We're all allowed one hour of outdoor exercise time per day but if the jog around your block isn't giving you the views you're after, why not visit one of the US' national parks through Google Earth? Be inspired be the rich hues of the Canyonlands, the tranquility of Glacier National Park, or the beauty of Yosemite.


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