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Houndstooth vests in winter

Being in your mid-twenties in winter is almost synonymous with wearing houndstooth.

It's minimalistic, classic, and classy.

Whether you're working the corporate ladder, enjoying the fruits of the fashion scene, or walking arm in arm with a loved one, houndstooth never goes amiss.

Houndstooth coined it's name due to it's resemblance to a dog's tooth. Most commonly shown in black, and white, houndstooth is a tessellated pattern that can go with almost anything during winter.

For this particular outfit, I've paired this houndstooth vest (here) with a long sleeved, white, pleated, button up dress (here), and it'll go with a pair of knee high, black boots. While the dress, and vest go perfectly together, shoes in the house is a big no.


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