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How to buy, and make bouquets last longer

Looking to buy someone you love some flowers? I recently interviewed Sydney based florist, Amanda Grace who has shared her tips of buying flowers sustainably in Australia, how to make your bouquet last longer, and even how she became the talented florist she is!

What inspired you to become a florist?

I always love the beauty of flowers. I love anything creative including design and music. During the pandemic, I started to work with more flowers, make more bouquets and work in weddings. Working with flowers is fun and therapeutic. I also love to create a beautiful design and have my customers liking it as soon as they receive their flowers.

Did you always want to be a florist or were you inspired to make a career change?

I never thought I love flowers until one day I was organising an entire wedding as a wedding planner. Having to plan for the whole wedding isn't my thing. I did love the styling and designing part however. As far as a career, I always love to do something creative especially in the wedding and event industry.

There’s been a call online to buy Australian grown flowers. What’s the pros/cons for buying Australian grown flowers? And are all if not most of the flowers you use grown in Australia?

I use a mix of both Australian grown and imported flowers. I love to use the greenery as well as some local roses and other Australian grown flowers as much as I could. Since they grow in Australia, the pros; they are more cost effective than the imported ones. The cons however, some of the flowers are quite hard to work with if you are not familiar with them.

Is buying flowers bad for the environment?

And how can Australians buy flowers in a way that isn’t damaging to the environment? I personally don't think buying flowers is bad for the environment. You can recycle your flowers to the green organic recycle bin once the flowers die.

How long do flowers last in a vase?

It depends how you take care of them. If you look after your cut flowers, depending on each type, they can generally last between 10-14 days. Some greenery and filler flowers can last longer than that. You can even dry them to make a nice decorative item at your house.

What are some ways to extend the life of a floral arrangement?

I always recommend cutting the stem 2cm in angle before you put them in a vase. Make sure you have a clean vase filled with fresh and clean water before you put the flowers in. Do a regular change of water and cut the stems every 2 days and make sure they are positioned away from the sun.

Are red roses cliche, and what flowers can people buy their partner instead of roses that are still romantic?

I personally love red roses. I love the big deep red roses with or without greenery or filler flowers. If you give me 12 red roses only, I will be a happy soul :) I do think that there are other flowers that have that romantic look. Dahlias, peonies as well as phalaenopsis orchids. Dahlias have that big head and they come in different colours from dark maroon until lush white. Peonies are so beautiful when they are in full bloom. Phalaenopsis orchids always give that elegant and romantic look when you put in an arrangement.

What types of flowers smell the best in a bouquet?

I, to be honest, love the smell of freesia. They come in small little heads but they smell amazing when they are in full bloom.

What flowers should buyers avoid, and why?

I did my research and I heard some people say that buying a certain type of flower has some toxic level. Some flowers can cause skin irritations, vomiting, fever and bad for both humans and pets. I have and have been working with some of these flowers however. I feel like if you know how to look after the flowers, and know how to look after them properly, you should be fine. But you still need to be aware of some flowers that are toxic for pets.

What areas in Sydney do you deliver to?

I deliver around Sydney. It is free delivery if the radius is within 5km from Baulkham Hills for purchases over $120. For outside that radius, there will be $15 delivery on top.


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