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January Wine Recommendations

Sydney's on the brink of another lockdown, more businesses including my own are remaining working from home to not contract covid, and all our wine cabinets are looking a bit empty after a good Christmas,as and New Years break.

So if you ask me, it's probably time to get more wine because wine not.

Below are some of my wine recommendations for January from Australia's favourite bunch of wine loving mofos at VINOMOFO:

Was $30 Now $13.50

It's light-bodied, floral, sweet strawberry taste, and sweeter than an afternoon with your beau.

Was $22 Now $9.90

This French wine is light bodied, and tastes of thyme, blackcurrant, and citrus. I imagine it's what Lana Del Ray drinks on her balcony.

Was $25 Now $10.90

It's the tall, dark, and sweet you've been waiting for. This smooth Chilean wine is full bodied, and tastes of chocolate, vanilla, and blackcurrant.


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