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Kave Home Furniture Review

We’ve lived in our home now for over 3 years. When we first moved in, we were recently married, early 20 year olds so a lot of our furniture were lower priced items. As we’ve gotten older, better income, and more refined taste, we’ve slowly invested in better furniture.

Our goal is to transform our home into a japandi, modern organic style home. Lots of natural materials, minimalistic, warm tones, and curated pieces.

A key focal point of our home, and any home really, is our living room. We used to have a Kmart armchair that we reupholstered, and now have a beautiful Club armchair in white fleece from Kave Home.

The Club armchair accentuates all the natural light in the room, and compliments the other light styling pieces. The ergonomic shape of this Kave Home armchair also makes it so comfortable to lay back on while you watch a movie or your favourite show, and the headrest can be moved to a flat position. I actually wanted to get it after watching a certain Netflix show, and tmi can confirm it’s comfortable for that too.

So many people compliment our Kave Home armchair when they visit our home. I haven’t seen anything similar to it in our furniture stores I visit so it’s a great talking piece, and accent to any sitting room. Speaking of visiting stores! If you ever want to see Kave home furniture in person, they have a showroom in Alexandria, NSW.

The other Kave Home piece in our home is the Beyla sideboard which is made of gorgeous solid oak.

I absolutely adore the slatted doors which adds movement to the room as it allows the natural light to flow through. We actually use it in our primary bedroom to store clothes. Luckily, it has soft closing doors so we don’t wake the baby or my husband doesn’t wake me when he’s getting ready for work (as I work from home).

While the Club armchair came in one piece, we did have to build some elements of the sideboard. It is quite heavy so I highly recommend having at least 2 people to manoeuvre it.

Something I particularly love is it was made with zero emissions, and low formaldehyde to keep the planet free from pollution. When we unboxed the Beyla sideboard there was no smell to it which sometimes happens when furniture is off-gassing. I remember when we first unboxed our Koala bedbase it had the most awful smell of cheese which lasted for 1 week which their team said was due to the water resistant lacquer used. Thankfully, neither of our Kave Home pieces had any weird smells so we were immediately able to enjoy them in our home.

Plus, delivery was so quick! We ordered it on January 19th, dispatched on 20th, and by 21st it was in our home!


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