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Mere Skincare cleared my pimples?!

About Mere skincare

Mere is an Australian, organic skincare brand who create high quality products like their Biomimetic dermal serum vaccine, and Elemental 360 cell active face cream. Their formulas use biocompatible ingredients, are are inspired by, and sourced from Australia. They believe getting healthy skin shouldn’t be complicated so they make easy to use products that work seamlessly into even the busiest of lives.

Are Mere products vegan?

But is Mere skincare tested on animals?

No way! For me, this is a big one to check with brands you use. Animal testing is cruel, dangerous, and largely ineffective as humans differ greatly from animals not just biologically but also get different diseases, conditions, and have socioeconomic factors that may effect testing. In fact, 90% of drugs fail during human testing despite positive test results on animals.

Mere products are “assessed for safety by a qualified external agency, either a chemist or toxicologist. These agencies do not test on animals. All new ingredients are reviewed by our research and development team prior to use.”

Interestingly, they have a page which lists all of their ingredients, and explains what each means, and what it does! I don’t think I’ve seen that from another brand before especially in the skincare space. I think it’s great as it helps demystify what that that nonsense in ingredients lists means but also helps you make the best decision for your skin. For example, I’m allergic to avocado, and I’ve unknowingly tried products that contained avocado oil which made me blow up like violet Beauregard.

Did I get positive results using Mere skincare products?

Firstly, everyone’s skin is different due to genetics, diet, and environmental factors. I mostly have non problematic skin. It’ll get drier on my cheeks if it’s cold, and I haven’t used a thicker moisturiser, and will get kinda oily on my t-zone during summer if I haven’t used the right toner that day.

I also go for a 2 hour run/job daily, and do weight training which would effect how my skin responds to different skincare.

That being said, I rarely get pimples, and when I do I’ll get one which will disappear usually overnight.

The month prior to trialling Mere skincare products, I had been trialling a different skincare brand called Anthogenol which made my skin break out. My face kept getting dry, my skin was blotchy red, and I ended up getting 5 pimples scattered around my face.

I couldn't see any ingrediants that I was allergic to, and nothing else in my routine changed. So maybe, it just didn't react well with the rest of my routine?

And no bullshit, I tried using Mere skincare, and overnight the pimples dried up, and disappeared within the next day.

Seriously, no bullshit.

I’m using the Mere Biomimetic dermal serum vaccine, and Elemental 360 cell active face cream as part of my skincare routine. I use both twice a day in the morning, and before bed.

Both products don’t claim to fight against pimples but here I am.


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