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Ultenic T10 Self Emptying Mop & Vacuum Review

Pregnancy has its ups, and downs but one downside is it’s literally hard to bend down. I’m grateful to have a new tool in my home to help with the home maintenance: the Ultenic T10 Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum.

It currently retails for $850 but you can usually snag it on sale for $650 which makes it a competitively priced robot vacuum in the Australian market.

T10 Home Port

The dust bin is roughly the size of a standard cereal box, and has a sleek, minimalistic design which blends in nicely to the other smart home devices in our home.

I love that the dust bin can hold up to 60 days worth of dirt, dust, and debris so you can time it with any monthly or bimonthly cleaning you do. For example, I wash our driveway, and patio once a month so can do these all within the same cleaning round.

How is the T10 controlled?

The T10 has a QR code on the vacuum/mop which connects you to the app that can control all Ultenic devices in your home. Setting up/pairing the device was super simple, and took about 2 minutes including downloading the app.

Can you control where the T10 goes, and can’t go?

You can set up the T10 to vacuum, and mop certain areas of your home by setting up ‘zones’. We’ve made each room a different zone. If there are any areas you don’t want to T10 to go, you can set them up as no go zones. For example, my dog Sookie has 2 doggy pee pads in the living room where she always goes overnight, or when we aren’t home to let her outside when she needs to relieve herself. We’ve set up these pee pads as no go zones as I don’t want the vacuum to drag her pee/poo through the home, or suck it up which could ruin the T10.

Is it a smart device?

Yes, you can connect the T10 Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum & Mop to your Google Home, or Alexa so it can be voice activated. Otherwise you can also use the remote control, or your app to control the T10.

How does the vacuuming, and mopping work?

The T10 has a 280ml dust container, and a 300ml water tank. You just need to fill up the water tank, and the T10 will first vacuum the floor, and then mop behind itself as it goes through each zone. You can also change the settings for zones so some is vacuum only eg carpets.

Can you set up cleaning schedules?

Yes! We’ve set up 2 cleaning schedules each day to keep our house spotless as I’m allergic to dust mites, my husband has sensitive skin, and Pomeranians shed like crazy. I’ve set up the the bedrooms to be cleaned in the mornings after we get up, and the communal zones like the kitchen, dining room, home office, and lounge room in the evening after dinner.

What happens when the T10 is done?

After the T10 finishes the selected zones it automatically goes back to the home port, empties itself, and recharges. You’ll need to keep the home port plugged it to allow the recharging to occur.

Is it loud?

Not really. It’s a vacuum so there has to be some level of noise. It is slightly louder when on carpets as the T10 can detect when it’s on a carpet so it increases the suction power to 3000Pa then go back to normal once off the carpet. The loudest it is is when its gone back to the home port, and is emptying it’s dust container but again, it’s the normal volume of a vacuum.

Disclaimer: I have been sponsored by this brand. I may receive monetary compensation for all sales generated through the links within this article. All opinions stated are my own.


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