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Nicole Lee Product Review

Firstly, thank you to the marketing team at Nicole Lee for sponsoring this post! Nicole Lee is an Los Angeles based handbag and accessories company who launched in 2004. They use only PETA approved Vegan leather to provide an animal friendly alternative to real leather and create beautiful designs that invigorate your wardrobe with it's colour and unique designs.

For the review today is the Iris pattern Tote bag from the Nicole Lee Distributer in Australia. The feature point of the tote is the doe eyed lady, with a flower crown full of sequins and jewels that could make a Coachella bound girl envious.

Is there anything in my handbag collection like it?

The bag is definitely unique in its design, with the lady making me nostalgic of the early 2000's Steve Madden advertisements. Even the sweetness of the mint green and variations of pink further reminding myself to go to the British Lolly Shop by Darling Harbour and purchase some bonbons!

Nevertheless, it is a one of a kind bag that is beautifully crafted to add some quirkiness to your outfit without damaging the environment in the process!

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